Usually, when I write a blog post I add a link to the post on flickr. So while adding the links for the previous blog post I noticed that I had completely forgotten to blog about the plants I bought.

I posted a picture of the little cherry tomatoes I had plucked from my tomato plant, but I had forgotten to show you a picture of the plant. This picture is already old and most of the green tomatoes on this plant have already turned red and have already been eaten! They were delicious!

I also forgot to mention how I used an old Aqua40 aquarium to grow yellow paprika and cotton seeds! I tried to take a picture of it but I can’t get it right. The paprika seeds are already growing and there’s the teensiest bit of green visible on the top. I haven’t really seen any activity with the cotton seeds just yet, but that might be because I either planted them too deep or that I didn’t do something right. Either way, I’ll be sure to update you as soon as there’s something to see!

This is a seedless white grape plant (Himrod) that is accustomed to Dutch (cold and gray) weather. I read on the internet that it’s used for wine in New York, so I’m really excited! The plant is said to grow extremely fast so I can’t wait for it to cover the entire wall. The wall used to be covered by another very pretty plant, but unfortunately it died during last years hot summer. Compared to this pictures there already a lot of growing done so I’m really excited to see how well this goes.

This here is a blueberry plant. I’m a very big fan of blueberries and I’ve always wanted fruit trees so there you go. No more explanations. I hope our cats will protect the fruits and I hope the plants grow well 🙂

And last but not least a picture of our yellow pepper plants. We forgot to plant them in bigger pots and some of them eventually died. Not before giving us the tiniest of peppers that nearly permanently destroyed my brother-in-laws taste buds. I covered the pot with a bit of cloth because Noodles likes to dig. She dug out the cloth a week ago so I decided to cover the whole surface with (upright) toothpicks. It’s not dangerous but it’s super effective. She hasn’t even tried to dig.

I hope to be able to update nice pictures soon of growing paprika’s and cotton plants 🙂

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