good news and bad news..

Aren’t grandmothers great?! Don’t we all love grandmothers?! like.. a LOT?!

So this weekend I spent some time with my grandparents, they live far away from me so I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. We had some catching up to do and I told my grandmother I started knitting again and showed here the recent FO’s and wip’s and she told me all about her knitting a lot in the past and the untouched stash of yarn..

I thought it was very sad that she couldn’t knit anymore, but on the other hand I was superhappy with the stash she gave me :D.. As a way of thanking her I promised my grandmother to knit her the Sunburst hat by Wooly Wormhead I’d knitted for myself 🙂

So let me show you the additions, I’ll make some new and better pictures when I have the time 🙂


It’s a whole lot of acrylics and a whole lot of real 100% silk(!) I’m so happy 🙂 I already know what the acrylics are going to become but the silk is stil a mistery. Anyway, the huge brown pile of pretty wool is sheep wool by Regenboogschaap. It’s 1kg of nice wool and it’s going to become a pair of niiiice legwarmers.. (and some other stuff).

so that was the good news.. here’s the bad news..

print o the wave
isn’t it pretty?? yea.. laceweight and a 1.5mm needle will give you that alright.. there’s a catch tho…
print o the wave

yea… 3,5 repeats is just 14cms… THAT’S NOT GOOD.. what am I going to do with a 20cm stole.. *sigh*.. so yea.. I started over…. same yarn.. 3,5mm needle.. *siiiiiiigh*

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