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It took me a while, but I have another FO! I finished the BOHO dress in Scheepjes Whirl and I’m really happy with the way it turned out! I wrote the pattern and published it on the website, but I couldn’t not post about it here 🙂


There’s still three things to do for this project before it’s really done, but I’m working on it right now. I’m going to take better pictures with an actual model (yay!), I’m going to translate the pattern in English and I’m going to put it all together in a downloadable pdf.

The pattern is very easy and straight forward, and with a little adjustment it can fit everybody 🙂

Scheepjes Whirl is a lovely cotton-acrylic blend with a maaassive yardage (1000m) on a 215-225 gram ball. So you buy one and you have a lot of options. I’ve seen a lot of stunning shawls being made with this yarn, but I was looking for that boho feel. Something airy and lightweight you’d wear to a beach party (or just for the heck of it).

This is all that remains of the 1000 meters, so I really used all of it. Having worked with it I can say the following:

  1. I love that it’s a blend. I was afraid it would sag and stretch out of shape, but the yarn is very lightweight because of its acrylics content.
  2. It’s very soft! Though it gets even softer after a good wash, it’s already very soft to begin with 🙂
  3. I love that it’s plied

I’m so happy with the Whirl I’m already working on a new design 🙂 I wanted to use this yarn and this start to design a nice maxi dress, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to turn this into a top and use another top design for the maxi dress.

I like how this is turning out. The linen soft is a bit more sturdy compared to the whirl. I was afraid that hanging an entire maxi dress on a lace motif and a choker would be a bit much and the top would end up sagging under the boobage. So instead I’m turning this pattern into a top and I’m going to figure out a different design for the top of my Whirl maxi dress 🙂

I really like how this motif holds up compared to the version with the whirl. I also love how textured the linen yarn is. I haven’t washed it yet so there’ll probably be more drape to it, but it’ll probably hold it’s shape a bit better.

Onto the next project! I’m not sure if you remember this project but I’m nearing the finish! I’ve actually been nearing the finish for a while but I put a little break on it to see where I wanted to go with it. The problem is that I’ve been working on it without actually calculating or measuring, so it was a bit tighter than I had planned. It’s alright because I solved my issue and now I can move on as planned 🙂 (with a little adjustment to the sleeves)

So here’s the thing. It’s a little tight. Not too tight, because it still fits, but it’s not as loose as the original pattern (which makes sense, because her yarn was much heavier than mine, but I wasn’t paying attention of course). So the solution is to sew a two way zipper instead of using buttons. I also made the edge a bit longer (and added a few decreases near the shoulders so it wouldn’t flare upwards.

Honestly, I’m really excited about this vest! I’ve never made a crochet vest before and I really like the way the pattern and the yarn are working together. I also think that a little soak will do its job and help things loosen up a tiny bit. But what I’m working on right now is the sleeves and I’m making them a bit bigger than the original pattern calls for. Which is also fair because it’s not really a pattern but a guideline anyway 🙂

In other news I harvested a turnip! Let me tell you a strange fact about me. I’m crazy in love with turnips. Like. Insanely in love with them. I eat them for my pleasure. I love eating them. Cooked, bit of salt. If you’re Iranian, chances are your parents fed you these every.single.time you got the flu. Well.. I started looking forward to them every time I got sick. It’s the same with broccoli by the way. I have a freakish love for broccoli (which my kid inherited). He’ll just munch on broccoli for fun.

I planted pumpkins for the first time and this guy is big. This is an older picture. This guy is getting big. I don’t know what to do with it, it’s going to attach itself to my lawn!

here’s another pumpkin. I’m not sure if this one will survive now because hte other one has completely covered this one 🙁 I may have to replant it.

But these babies are the ones I’m really impatient about. My indigo rose tomatoes. I bought the seeds LAST YEAR but I didn’t get around to planting them, you know, with the shop and all. I actually bought the seeds before I decided to open up the shop. Now they’re growing and I can’t wait!

Unfortunately I can’t see when they’re ripe enough to pick because they stay this color. They won’t turn red, they’ll only get softer when it’s picking time, so I’ve been squeezing these tomatoes every day for the past week already haha

Last but not least: I don’t have a picture because it hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m working on organizing my life again and I’ve ordered a planner. I’m going to take more time to plan things ahead and I’ve found some websites and instagram accounts that will help me do that. I’m going to plan some things and hopefully next post I’ll have some nice things to show you from my planner 🙂

Happy knitting!

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