FO: the unnamed first design

I don’t know how to start and what to say. This FO post is really meaninful to me because of the following reasons. It’s the first ‘pattern’ I’ve actually designed with sketches and ideas and swatches etc. I’ve made rosalie and jailbird too, but those were different. I guess they were more experimental. I count this one as my first actual design and I’m really pleased with the results.

This is my favorite way to wear it. It’s supposed to be a little airy (hence the holes) and short. It’s intended to be worn over either panty’s, tights or skinnyjeans. It’s a tunic after all, not a miniskirt. I haven’t found the right sew-on buttons yet but it doesn’t matter because I intend the buttons to be invisible.

I  love patterns and garments that make me feel feminine and bring out my natural shape. I’m a little rounded and curved and I like that about myself. I haven’t always been happy and I’ve always felt I was too chubby and too flabby, but to be honest, the older I get the easier it becomes to accept myself. What I mean is that I don’t mind working out to get healthy, but I don’t feel like I should look like Cindy Crawford either if you know what I mean. Girls like me look at Kim Kardashian (lolz).

Wearing this tunic with a broad belt makes the whole ensemble look more like an hourglass.

It can also be worn without a belt for a more relaxt feel. Sometimes you want to just be comfy 🙂

Like I already mentioned: I don’t have the right buttons yet so the vest is being held together by safety pins (which make the edges ruffle a bit). At the moment I’m not sure if I’ll actually want to sew buttons so I’m leaving it this way for this blogpost.

What I like about the process is that there’s a difference in the way you think about a design and the way it turns out IRL. I like the product more than I liked the design and the wip. The yarn has become much more relaxed and soft since the washing and it’s not as stiff anymore. What I also realized is that it might function very well as maternity wear. I’m not sure because there’s a lack of pregnant ladies in my  near vicinity, but if I can get one to pose for me I’ll do that!

The final picture shows me wearing this creation while trying to pose nonchalantly. Obviously it didn’t go too well, and at this point I’m wondering if i’ll ever get good at using a tripod and a semi-broken camera to take pictures of my later designs.. 😛

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