FO: Sloucher & Knotty gloves!

sloucher hat fo

“Hellooooo nurse!”

as the anamaniacs would say! 🙂 I know that the less I post the longer the posts will have to get but somethimes life just gets in the way of what’s really important! Like knitting duh 🙂 Anyway, this is the clean FO post, I’ll save the rants for the next one ok?

pattern: Sloucher
yarn: Drops Classic Alpaca 1 ball
Needles: US6/ 4.0mm

This baby only took me 2 days and I’m thinking of knitting me another one 🙂 As the title implies it’s supposed to be a slouching hat, but tho I knit the adult version it’s not slouchy at all. It fits me exactly as a ‘normal’ hat should. I’m still pleased tho! I love how it turned out!

I’m not used to wearing hats. The only hat I wear is the Starburst I knit by wooly wormhead. I also believe hats don’t look good on me, but that’s probably because I’m really not used to having one on my head, and actually having one on my head makes me feel like my head’s huge or something. I think it’s because of my hair, but I’m not sure.. what do you think?

sloucher hat fo

I’m sorry about the off-centered pictures but I’m not trying to be artistic here.. I’m just really failing at taking my own picture without looking at the camera directly. After all, you want to see the hat from more sides than just one right? 🙂

sloucher hat fo

The yarn is awesome and keeps my head nice and warm, and also keeps my hair nice in place! This is rather important when you live in the Netherlands (especially near the cost) because the wind here is quite persistant in helping your hair defy gravity in all possible ways.  I think this is one of the coolest knitted hats I’ve seen because of the magic peak. There’s no need for cardboard to keep it in shape, tho in my case it points down a bit because the whole thing isn’t as loose as it’s supposed to be. That alone is a reason for me to knit another one to see how it would look 😀

knotty gloves fo

Ah yes check them out! 🙂 I loooove them, they’re so warm 😀

Pattern: Knotty gloves
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock
Needles: US1.5/ 2.5mm

I just love these gloves. It’s my first time knitting gloves and I was a bit intimidated because of all the fingers and all. But it had to be done. I’ve never found a set of gloves that fit my hands well. My hands are rather small and so are my wrists so everytime I bought gloves they would either be too big or the fingers would be too short. I have narrow hands but my fingers aren’t short so after a while I gave up on gloves alltogether. Obviously the consequence was very very cold hands, which sucked 😛

knotty gloves fo

I now realize it’s actually quite easy to knit a sweater because it doesn’t really matter if you fudge the pattern a bit. Eventually you can stretch stuff while blocking and no one will notice, but gloves are a whole different story. If you make your gloves too big or too small you will definately notice in some way. Hence the intimidation. Though it actually took me quite a while to finish them, since I started them somewhere late October, but that’s only because of the rather warm weather we’ve had recently. It’s usually not that cold so early in the winter (or late in the fall actually) so I thought I’d have time to finish some other things before returning to these, but a sudden cold front changed everything hehe 😛

knotty gloves fo

I’s really difficult to take pictures of your hands while operating a slippery mobile phone and need some kind of mirror.. 🙂

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