FO: Shipwreck shawl

FO: Shipwreck
I’m not really sure what to say about this post. I’m extremely happy with the results 😀 Though it was quite a big project.. and it felt as if it would never be finished I’m very happy with the way my first ever round shawl turned out 😀 The main difference between the original version from the pattern and my shipwreck shawl is the choice of yarn (and I didn’t use the 5,5 and 6,5 because I didn’t have them). I used Malabrigo Lace (Oceanos) for this knit, so it turned out a bit smaller than the original seems. Also I used a LOT less beads than is called for. First off I couldn’t find the right beads for a suitable price (please consider, I’m a poor student after all… the yarn was pretty darn expensive….). The second reason is that I figured I’d need three whole hanks of yarn.. I actually only used 2. The third hank was used for a part of the bindoff… which could not have been more than 10m.

Not that I mind to have a hank of malabrigo lace lying around 😉 Anyway, I’ll get The Man to take some better pictures of me actually wearing the shawl and post them up 🙂

PS. Some kind sould fixxed the Flickr Manager Plugin so it works with the latest version: THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU MADE MY LIFE A LOT EASIER THANK YOU THANK YOU!! 😀

So here’s some pictures 😀
FO: ShipwreckFO: Shipwreck

FO: ShipwreckFO: Shipwreck

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