FO Party w00!

Finished objects! I have them! They’re not overly huge, but sometimes those are the best kind of projects! I’ve knit a stranded, winter pattern hat with the new yarns we have in the shop. It’s Rico Designs Essentials Alpaca Blend Chunky!

It’s a lovely chunky yarn for 6mm (size 10) needles/ hooks. I love the material (50% synthetic, 30% wool, 20% alpaca) and I love the color range. To be honest it doesn’t feel like there’s any synthetic fibers in there at all, mostly feels like cotton.

I was going to publish the pattern today, but I noticed there’s something off about my notes, so I’m going to have to wait and recount before I write it down. It’s going to be a free pattern, so I’m not too bothered with testing. it’s pretty straight forward and just written in one size.

I actually have a second FO! Since I’m working again I’m no longer going by car, and since it’s getting colder I felt it was time for something warm for the neck area.

I found this yarn at my local yarn shop City Cleaning (yes you read that right, and I know it’s not on the website but they sell yarn too! I promise!), and I wanted to make gifts out of them. In the end I decided against that because I’m honestly having issues finishing things for myself and for the shop, I’m not going to add the stress of gift knitting this Christmas. Sorry 🙁 I’ll knit you guys some socks later 🙂

Also: since it’s not going to be a gift I could be sloppy with it and so it became a randomly crocheted shawl. It’s quite big actually, and so cozy!

I used an 18mm crochet hook for this project and I like how it turned out. I think it’s one of the quickest projects I’ve finished in a very long while (less than 1 day).

Onto other projects! I have a new work in progress! I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but we’re hosting an 80s mohair sweater-along at the shop; and these are the colours I’m going to use for mine. It’s going to be all kinds of amazing and I love how the fabric is turning out already!

In her infinite wisdom, the Yarn Harlot, she wrote that becoming a better knitter does not equal making no more mistakes. If anything, it means your mistakes will become a lot bigger. By the time you notice you’ve messed up you’ve already knit 4″ worth. Well, it happend you guys. I separated the sleeves and went at it. I wasn’t paying attention, I didn’t check if my BOR marker was placed correctly and I just went at it. Now my back aligns with my right sleeve and I have to start over. Well doodoo 😛

I’m happy I can enjoy the process of knitting some more I mean 🙂

I’ll leave you with these two pictures. On Wednesday we celebrated daddy’s birthday, and there was a confetti explosion of sorts.

This is how they watch their baby music videos haha!



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