FO: Leyburn socks

Leyburn socks FOBetter known as BF socks 🙂

Pattern: Leyburn socks

Yarn: lidl sockyarn

size 2.5/2.75mm US1.5/2

I’m finally done with these socks.. the first one took me ages because I had to frog and reknit for about 4 or 5 times until I had it right, but once it was done and the size was good the second one knit up very quickly. I like the colors on these socks and think I might knit a plain sock just because of the nice colors. They’re a bit shorter than they should be, I did 9 pattern repeats because I thought they were long enough (and I wasn’t sure if they’d be too tight if I’d make them longer 🙂

Leyburn sock FO

A hot manleg + sock is what I need on a sunday 🙂 😛

Leyburn socks FO

In the end, tho it took me a long while to get here, I’m happy I knit these socks with the colored yarn instead of the white yarn. Tho it’s not very clear on the pictures the lattice stitch is very clearly visible and gives the sock an extra dimension. Maybe another plain color would’ve been nice, but the white just didn’t work out for me.

Leyburn socks FO

This is the second sock I’ve knit for my BF and I hope to knit a lot more in 2011! I’m starting to understand the difference between his feet and mine (in size) which means I can knit much easier when he’s not around. At first I constantly had to ask him to wear them to see how they would fit, but now I can measure them up by putting them on myself and seeing how they fit for me and I’ll know how they should fit for him 🙂 Anyways, I still have a lot of yarn and the weather isn’t warming up any time soon so I can get away with another few pairs of socks 🙂

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