FO: Kalajoki socks

FO Kalajoki socksPattern: Kalajoki socks
Needle: 3.0mm
Yarn: Lidl Valbella & Malabrigo lace

This is the first time I actually finished a pair of socks for myself. I still have skew to finish.. When I finished the socks for my MIL and the socks for my BF I still didn’t ‘get’ it. My BF is nearly wearing his socks every day, even now he’s wearing them.. And I still didn’t understand why. At first I thought he was wearing them to please me (which worked btw). But after a few days I would’ve expected him to stop wearing them.. but he didn’t.. so I washed them and reblocked them. And then he started wearing them again.. hmm…

Now I understand. Handknit socks are effing great! They’re so nice and warm, and comfy, even tho they might not be as thick as other store bought socks they can still keep my little tootsies warm (or even warmer actually). I’ve been wearing them since I finished them last night and I can tell I’ll be wearing them a lot more.

Now the only thing I might have a little worry about is the malabrigo lace. I know the Valbella won’t felt much when it’s handwashed, but my last experience with Malabrigo lace showed me two of its least appealing sides (in my opinion). It felts like crazy and the color is just too much ‘vomit’. Tho I really love their colors the oceanos one has really disappointed me, but mixed with the marine blue of the Valbella it has been toned down a bit so the pattern can be seen as well.

FO Kalajoki socks

I think the oceanos colors has given the river sock another dimension hehe 🙂 In total it took me a week from start to finish. I would’ve been able to finishe them sooner but I had schoolwork to do.. 😛

In the mean time I’ve cast on another sock for the bf and a pair of socks for my grandmother but I’ll blog about them when there’s more to see 🙂

FO Kalajoki socks

I’ve learned to appreciate the sock knitting process as well as the finishes objects. My first idea about sock knitting was that probably the best way to knit them would be toe up, mainly because I didn’t dare start a cuff-down sock yet because of my inexperience with socks. Now however, I feel like top-down socks are much easier than toe up socks. It’s much easier to knit in other sizes (for other people) because all you need to do is wear the sock and see how much longer/ shorter the sock needs to be. You don’t have to do that while messing with the gusset and the heel either. I think I’ll go search for more top-down sock patterns now 😉

stealth kitty

ninja kitty sais ohai

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