FO: handspun girasole

Here it is. It’s finally done! My first ever project from raw fleece to finished object and I’m absolutely loving it! I’m posting this as I’m wearing the shawl around me like a featherweight blanket and I feel like I’ve actually accomplished something big and important haha.

I felt like there was no good way to take pictures of the thing on my own so I might add some pictures later on, but for now these will have to do. I’ve been working on this project since March 2011 and I really don’t feel like waiting any longer with the FO post. This project started out as an experiment in spinning and excercise to prevent RSI, but it became much more than that. I have learned a great deal since I started on this project and now that it’s finally done I can appreciate the learning process. I actually believed 500 grams of raw fleece would be enough for a blanket as huge as this one…

It’s huge. With a diameter of 60″ it’s almost as big as I am (almost but not quite). I knit this project with a 5.0mm needle because I wanted the blanket sized one. I already have the shipwreck shawl and the new EZ anniversary half-circle shawl and I feel I’ve got enough round(ish) shawls in that size. I was missing a huge blanket sized shawl for the spring and the dry days during the fall. When you’re wearing a lighter weight coat/ jacket but still need something nice to keep you a little bit warmer during the windy/ chilly days. Something to wear any way you’d like in that moment without the ‘boo-it’s-too-short’ feeling.

If you’ve clicked the link you may have already read about it, but one of the main driving forces behind this project was the annoyance I felt when I was knitting the first girasole for my MIL and I ran out of yarn. I was so annoyed at myself (and at the universe), because I frogged the edging and reknit with smaller needles but still was short of yarn. So I started this project because I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I could spin extra yarn if I ever ran out of it.

I guess if you’ve read the previous post you might know that I did actually run out of yarn – and fleece. Halfway through the edging and I’m stuck with unmatching fleece in gray and about 80m of 2ply in brown. I tried some different things but I ended up unplying the brown yarn and plying it with the new gray wensleydale I had bought. So here’s the moment I notice I’ve learned so much since the first time I processed raw fiber. The new batch of wensleydale was perfectly clean. No traces of VM or lanolin left and it carded and spun fantasticly.

The great part of it is that you can’t even see a real difference. I really didn’t want to have a silvergray edging on a warm gray shawl because of the color difference. I believe the edging would take away from the lovely warm color of the brown fleece, and after working on it for so long I couldn’t do it.

Nothing says it like ‘kitteh’. I feel like I have nothing more to really say about the project so here’s some pictures.

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