FO: Francie and Harvest Dew

I often forget how much I enjoy knitting (and wearing) socks. It still amazes me how much I enjoy them. Meet Francie.

FO: Francie socks
I don’t have a nice photo setup just yet, so I’m trying to find some nice ones as I go. It’s still really hard to photograph socks and make them look good 😛

FO: Francie socks
I love these socks. This is the fourth time knitting them even though I wanted to knit myself a pair at least once before. The pattern is too big for me, even when I knit them with smaller needles, so instead I knit a standard toe on the pattern. The obvious drawback is that the pattern is incomplete and the whole effect is gone. The good news is that the sock fits my feet and I don’t have to give them away (again).

FO: Harvest dew
I’ve never been a great fan of vibrant colors to be honest, but these colors made me very happy. For some reason this fall/ winter has been very bleak and grayish and I really feel the need for some colorful knits. This is one of them. The pattern is Harvest Dew and it’s a free rav download.

FO: Harvest dew
It’s a very quick knit because of the slipped stitches, and not boring at all. I misread the chart while working on the first sock so I had to rip back a little to fix my mistakes.

FO: Harvest dew
I added this picture because the top-down pictures really don’t do the pattern any justice.

FO: garlic and sun-dried-tomato bread :)
have some garlic & sun-dried-tomato bread 🙂

One thought on “FO: Francie and Harvest Dew

  1. Yeah to socks! I have an addiction to knitting them, so I completely understand.
    Both of those socks had me at hello! I have been thinking about the Harvest Dew socks for some of my yarns with crazy colors. I think you just sold me.
    Oh and don’t get me started on that bread….drool!

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