FO: Deep in the forrest mits

They’re finally done! I started this project in July 2011, thinking I’d be smart to start the project in the summer. I finished it before this years winter so it worked out (somewhat) I guess. This project was great, but the process was horrible (in no way because of the pattern!). First I started knitting it with a 2.5mm needle, but felt like I could fit both my hands in it. It’s the first pair of mittens I’ve ever knitted, and I was afraid it’d end up being too big (and I wouldn’t have enough yarn left).

FO: Deep in the forest mitts
So I started over with 2.0mm needles. It was a very long and hard knit, again not because of the pattern, because the 2.0mm dpn’s I own are only 10cm long and they ended up digging in my hands constantly. I couldn’t knit for longer periods of time because of this and I ended up trying to spread out the knitting as much as I could.

FO: Deep in the forest mitts
They’re a bit snug around the thumb but I don’t mind because they’re toasty warm! I used the handspun singles I had left from this project and I used 1 (plus a bit) ball of drops alpaca. I think the colors look great together (if I say so myself) and I’m very happy with the knit. It’s not cold enough for me to wear them but it can’t be long now.

FO: Deep in the forest mittens
I’m very happy with the way they turned out, and I think I would knit another pair, but not with the 2.0mm needles…

I’ve also been working on some other things… I’ve been busy playing with food coloring and suddenly this happened:

I wasn’t sure about the combination between yellow and undyed yarn for a stranded knitting project, so I dyed the white yarn as well.. I must say I like the effect.

Such cute balls of colored yarn… I’m planning on making a thistle, but I’m working on another pattern instead of the flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I like the flowers, but I thought I might pick something a bit more geeky… I did knit a swatch just to see if the colors are okay together. The whole project is knit in the round but I knitted it ‘flat’ by using magic loop for only two repeats.

That’s why the sides are a bit weird, but I like the way it’s turning out. I won’t be measuring my gauge because I don’t care if it grows or not. I’m looking for a blanket more that a nice scarf 😛

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  1. I adore those mitts!!!! They are just fantastic. Those are so going on my “to knit” list!

    Excellent job with the food color dyeing. The colors are vibrant.

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