FO: By the river Seine socks!

Yay! I finally have some new finished object to show 🙂 According to my Ravelry page I’ve been working on these socks since June, but I find it a bit hard to believe. It feels like the summer blew away in what feels like days instead of months. Even though I’m no longer in the school/ uni system, I still live my life like the summer vacation is exactly that: a vacation. The entire season is one big ‘break’. I just can’t seem to really get anything done during that time (which, as a knitter, is really not that good). I always start my knitting when it cools down and I’m starting to get cold. Anyway, back to the socks!

I absolutely love this pattern! I used Dutch Wool Diva’s sock in bamboo in colorway “jellyfishing”. I had to redo this pattern a few times because it turned out too big for me. I (almost) always knit socks using 60 stitches on 2.5mm needles and they always fit me. The one exception was the jaywalker pattern, but in it’s defense it already states that the pattern is really tight. So I searched the other projects for helpful notes and found one that worked for me (I linked it on my project page).

I think this pattern and yarn work really well together and make an even nicer sock. I’ve been wearing them for at least two days (and I haven’t washed and/ or blocked them yet..) TMI I guess.. hehe

I’ve also been spinning. Two of the three colors are now done, and the one on the right is nearing the halfway mark. I think the combination of Wensleydale (30%) and Alpaca (70%) is working out pretty well. It’s soft, but also nice and sturdy. I now only have to card the last four batts again for an even better blend and I can finish the spinning 🙂

So, yesterday I received a parcel while I hadn’t ordered anything. So I was completely surprised. It was a brown box and had a “dutch wool diva” sticker on it. I had ordered something a week earlier and it had come in a box that was about the same size, so my first thought was that it must’ve been by accident. I was already planning to write an email while I was opening the box. On top was a note, and it suddenly became clear. It was a present by a friend who shares my love for Diva’s fibery goodness. My friend had asked Diva to include things she thought I would like and boy did she pick out some nice things!!

Let’s start with two batts (100 grams) in colorway “passions”. Thoughts are flooding my brain. I’m seeing all sorts of possible futures for these two batts. Something in heavier singles and entrelac…

How about this baby. Party at the pool in Diva Luscious Camel! I seriously LOVED spinning the camel blend (and I bought another one last week in Goldfish ehh.. forgot the name, but it was something about a goldfish! I promise!).

I think I’ll need to re-watch a few classes of ‘spinning dyed fiber’ on Craftsy again for this one! I soo don’t want to ruin it!

Then there’s this one! I love rolags! So easy to spin, so perfect. I also absolutely love the colors (and they match my new finished socks, how ’bout that!).

Oh, and to finish it off with a huge colorful bang: 10 mini batts! This is definitely a project for my tiny roodborstje spindle! That would be this little spindle:

I’m not sure what I’m going to do but it’s going to be glorious and very happy 😀 I haven’t spun much on this spindle yet as I only got it in July this year. I planned to buy it for the TdF, but I spent most of the tour playing with my Bliss wheel. Now I really get to go all out! I love this spindle because it practically floats in the air and I can take it with me anywhere I go. The bigger one (kolibrie) is a bit heavier and is so pleasant to spin on. I can easily wind 50grams on a cop. I think I can fit more yarn on there if I were to wind a bit tighter, but I think I can say I’ve learned my lesson haha.

I’m so grateful and happy to know such awesome people! Thanks again! 🙂

To finish off this post I’m going to tell you a little bit about my latest sock journey. As you may have read here before (I’m not going to link because I’m still traumatized and I don’t want to jinx this project sorry) I’ve had a difficult relationship with toe-up socks. I’ve tried it a few times, but it didn’t really work out the way I hoped it would. When I saw this yarn I decided that I would very much like some thigh high stockings in this self-striping (Dutch wool diva yarn of course, are we seeing a pattern here…?) yarn of which the colors are inspired by hot choco and whipped cream. (I’ll see if I can find a picture). It’s the ultimate comfort stocking. Keeps me warm and makes me think of hot chocolate and cream!

I have two hanks so I should be able to get very far. If one 400m hank gives me two (nice long) socks with some yarn to spare, I *should* be able to use one whole skein to get thigh-high stockings. Mind I’m only 1.62/ 5’4 standing on bare feet so there’s not much leg to cover anyway. But I’d still like to keep knitting until my yarn runs out.

Also: it’s embarrassing really. I’m not talking about preferences. Sure you can have a certain preference, but not being able to get the right sock at ALL is just silly. Every single time I tried my socks became too small. I mean I start the gusset too soon and I end up with a sock that would fit some one with a foot that’s 3 sizes smaller than mine. I fit 37.5 / 38 EUR and I knit 34.5/ 35 when I knit toe-up. I think you see what I mean. It’s really embarrassing. So now I’m going to redeem myself. I’m going to knit a sock that fits. I’m going to learn to knit toe-up socks and I’m going to like it. I’ve also decided that I’m not going to make a fuss about it. If I knit it too small, I’ll just try again 😀

I’ll keep you posted..!

3 thoughts on “FO: By the river Seine socks!

  1. I highly, highly recommend buying a copy of the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern! Even if you don’t plan to use the heel style, the pages on making a cardboard foot form and using it to determine when to start the heel are so valuable. I’ve gone from dreading and hating toe-up socks to preferring them over cuff-down (because I can now make sure I use up all the yarn I have). Good luck with your socks!

  2. Your By the river Seine socks are gorgeous!
    Good luck on your sock journey for the perfect fitting socks. It is a long journey and I think after 10 years of socks knitting, I finally got it. 🙂

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