FO: Blackrose

It’s finally finished thanks to the great people who work at finlandia import! I had already ordered three skeins of drops delight but sent them an email if I could add an extra skein and it was no problem at all :3 I couldn’t bare not to have all the colors I wanted..

I think I’ve found a good sock photo shoot pose! This seems to be working, it might even help to take pics like these for all the socks I knit so I can compare them in the end.

I’m very pleased with the drops delight quality. I’d read some reviews on ravelry and to be honest I had almost felt sorry about placing the order, but I guess people prefer different yarns (who would’ve thought…).

I also thought the yarn would be too soft or to fragile to be used as sock yarn in projects other than stranded knitting (in combination with different types of yarns). I don’t know about durability just yet since I’ve been wearing this pair for two whole days, but I think it might prove to be sturdier than I thought. The yarn does, big surprise, lack elasticity. It’s stretchy but it’ll sag a little bit. I think a longer ribbing might help, or with sock patterns that are based on a ribbed pattern perhaps. Overall I’m really pleased with the yarn and I’m happy to use the 4 balls I have left for different projects.

One of these is the rainbow colored one which will grow up to be a pair of Rainbow Gaudi socks for the BF.

I’m usually not a huge fan of rainbow yarn myself, but this one is a huge success! I actually couldn’t stop myself from knitting and spent way too much time knititng last night (instead of sleeping). The pattern is horrible in the sense that it’s waaaay too easy and relaxing to knit…

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