FO: Berét de Printemps

I guess this makes it official.. I’m either two seasons behind or two seasons too early, but I’m in the mood for spring. I have the spring beret to show you today, and some spring socks. This mood for spring might have something to do with the amount of gray we’ve had the past few days, but when the color drains from the world, I feel like getting some colorful knits!

As you might know I’ve been unpacking my stuff the past few weeks and it always feels like treasure hunting. I know there’s people out there who are so organized that they know what they put where and what the box looks like.. I have a few marked boxes and a whole lot of miscellaneous…. As you can imagine I felt pretty good about myself when I managed to, not only find my camera, but also find the charger and as an extra added bonus: the tripod. What I didn’t find however, and only noticed after the photo-op, was the missing cable. Well sh*t.

So back to phone pictures for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind taking photo’s with my phone. It’s an awesome camera and I love being able to take pictures whenever I want.. it’s not, however, designed to function as (well.. mainly) a camera. So there’s some options missing and as much as I hate to admit it.. the pictures are mostly awesome during daylight.

That wouldn’t normally be a problem because there’s the magic word: photoshop (or any other awesome photo editing software). Unfortunately I’m working with the bare minimum right now and I’m not even able to adjust the color balance.. So this means that I’m either lucky and it’s a good day for photo’s, or I have some bad luck and it’s dark and gray out.

So I haven’t dissappeared again.. I’m just having a minor digital setback. I’m working on it tho and I expect to solve this issue very soon.. it bothers me.. I don’t mind being late with post because I’m busy or because I’m lazy.. but really wanting to post and not being able to because of technical drama..

This whole rant was about me trying to explain why the pictures are so crappy and.. well.. *le sigh*

FO: Berét de printemps
My berét de printemps! I love it. Or.. loveD it. See my mom happened to love it too, so I gave it to her. It’s such an easy pattern, I already feel like knitting another one. I made a few huge mistakes the first time during the first repeat. The pattern shifts a few stitches so the first time knitting it can be a bit confusing. I had made some other mistakes as well (and I misread the chart to top it off), so I spent a whole night knitting, frogging and reknitting only to frog again.

Anyway, I really love this pattern/ beret and I’m looking forward to knitting one for myself, because other than bit of confusion (which had nothing to do with the pattern.. it was all me) it was all very easy and a very quick knit.

I’ll take some action shots as soon as I find either some great daylight/ my camera cable/ photo editing software.

For now I’ll have some other spring object to show..

spring francie wip
I love fabel. It’s such an awesome yarn and it’s super awesome for socks. I’ve managed to walk holes into two of my favorite socks (key word: favorite.. I wore them too much.. like really too much). Well I don’t really own so many handknit socks, so the ones I do own get worn for too long and too often. The more handknitted socks I have,  the less they will be worn (per pair), and the longer I can enjoy wearing them.

So before I completely run out of socks I need to start knitting some. I found this (what I thought was) a little ball of drops fabel in green and I thought it’d be enough for perhaps the cuff. I had not expected it to go so far. I ordered 1 ball of green and 2 balls of 2 other colors and I can’t wait for them to arrive. As per usual Finlandia Import is absurdly fast (they even work in the weekends, I do feel guilty), and as soon as the yarn arrives I can finish my new pair of socks.

A little offtopic sidenote: I’ve never actually visited Finlandia Import.. isn’t that odd? I get nearly all of my yarn from them and I’ve never been there… hm..

You might remember that my mom brought 1kg of three-ply yarn for me when she came back from Iran this spring. Well, I saw this pattern and I knew I had to knit it. I have four hanks of 250grams (500m) each so I should get quite a shawl/ blanket I think. I dyed one hank yellow/ orange with safflower, but I’m not sure about the combination with white/cream. I want something different… I’m thinking of blue/ purple. It’s always a good combination with yellow/ orange..


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