Finishing up

Looking back at this year I feel I’ve managed to acomplish quite some stuff 🙂 Knitting, and learning how to knit has been great, and it has helped me learn a lot about myself in the process of knitting. I’ve never been one to actually finish what I started, and now I’ve learned to be much more patient an willing to try again when something doesn’t go my way.

I’m referring to the sidewinder socks. I measured my foot, and I measured my gauge, but still I managed to knit a sock that won’t fit around my foot. I misread the pattern on nearly each step of the way (lol), but I still like the pattern enough to start over 🙂 I’m not willing to face my temporary defeat by posting pictures of the narrow sock and my foot, and I’ll need to finish my current project first before the frogging starts, but I know I will finish it, and I know it’ll be my first finished object of 2011 🙂

When I realized I had messed up the sock I threw it aside and started something brainless 🙂 The Noro Striped Scarf without the Noro 😛 You might remember this post, where I explain about sinterklaas and the yarn he gave me 🙂 So I had three balls of rainbow yarn and I didn’t know what to do with them. It was too thick for socks and I felt the colors were a bit too bold for something to wear. But when I saw the scarf I knew it was exactly what I needed.

striped scarf wip

It looks like stockinette and I love it 🙂 So far it’s not curling at all and I actually like the pooling. It’s amazing because I started one ball at the end but I think the pooling is inevitable at some point, but I’m happy it’s with the purple and yellows/oranges because this softens the whole thing a bit. I’m working on two balls right now but I’m not sure how much yarn It’ll take. It’ll be a short scarf/neckwarmer/cowl thing so not a whole scarf.

striped scarf wip

When I’ve had a bit of a knitting break and have regained my sanity (for the most part) I’ll redo the sidewinders, because they’re awesome, and then I’ll make sure to finish the 2010 wip’s before I start new projects for 2011.

That might be my new ‘thing’. I don’t want projects to drag on for years and years.. if I don’t like it and I haven’t knit it for more than 6 months than it might just not work out.. I’m not really sure of this yet but for now it works for me 🙂

I wish you all a happy new year and hope to see all your knitting in 2011!

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