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(edit: there’s going to  be a lot of ranting in the beginning, but there’s also knitting. If you’re not really into the talking you can just go a head and skip to the knitting part 😀 )

This may not be common knowledge but I’m a gemini. I don’t follow my daily or weekly horoscope if that’s what you were just wondering, but I do believe that there are certain things about my character that totally fit the gemini discription. Here’s what the internet says about gemini’s

  • A passion for novelty
  • A curious disposition
  • Socially outgoing
  • Witty in speech and prone to banter
  • Creative and quick to task
  • Emotionally unreachable and difficult to pin down

Well I don’t know about the last one, but the other things are totally true for me (in all the good and the bad ways).

A passion for novelty is a kinder way of saying ‘gets bored of things very quickly’. I like new things and I like to explore new options, that much is true, but I also tend do skip from one project to another and never finish what I started. I’m a generalist, not a specialist and I don’t really care. Finishing things is very difficult for me because I tend to skip the process and want to move onto the next thing. I find the daily tasks dull and as such have to really push myself to do them and finish my chores. Yuck!

I also label ‘a curious disposition’ under the aforementioned ‘gets bored easily’ group. I’m curious about all things new, because I find the existing things so boring. I hate walking down the beaten path and I always want to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but at least it’s never boring.

Then there’s the socially outgoing and the witty in speech and prone to banter. I’m not sure if I’m witty in speech, that’s for others to decide, but I know for a fact that I can talk your ears off about just about any subject. I’m indeed socially outgoing, I can talk to any one and any type of person. I’m good at small talk in the elevators (for example) and I know how to make another person comfortable during a conversation. (I really think this is a gemini thing and not some ‘talent’ of mine, so please don’t take this the wrong way.. I’m not boasting or anything). The downside to this, is that I always feel the need to communicate with people. I think this is also what explains this blog. I can talk to you while sitting in my living room and you can decide what you’ll read (or not). For me it doesn’t change anything really because I’ve already written down what I wanted to write. It’s a one way highway in my situation. I just need a topic (and with knititng and such I have found an endless supply LOL).

So why am I writing all of this down?

I believe that at a certain point a person should look into him/herself and take an objective look. There are a number of things that are holding me back and they have an influence on all the things that I do. It’s not just about cleaning out my house and/ or organizing my life. Now that I’m really working on things I can see that it’s much easier to  be organized ALL THE TIME, instead of just every few years. Why not have an actual schedule and stick with it. Why not be able to blog at least once a week instead of once a month (or two).

I’ve been taking a lot of steps to become a better person and not find excuses for myself. A few years ago I wrote a post about being 29 and all the things I would’ve said to my 19 year old self. Now I’m going to make a post about being 30 and what I want to be the next 10 years.

So far being 30 has been an interesting ride. I like being 30, more than I liked being in my 20s. I’m a lot more appreciative towards all things around me and I’m not constantly looking for something I can’t name. I’ve also thrown out a lot of physical and emotional baggage, and I’m starting to like this new me to  be honest. I also feel like there’s a lot less clutter around me.

So why the whole star sign thing? Because the element of the gemini is ‘air’. It can be a breeze or a storm, but it’s always airy and light and unfortunately also fleeting. Getting and staying organized can be very easy for you perhaps, but for me it’s an immense task. I like being creative and go with the flow, and chores are too ‘earthy’ for me. They bring me down. But now that I’m 30 I want to be better for myself and for those around me. Mostly for myself, because I believe it has to come from me for me. I can’t pretend to be somebody I’m not, but I CAN be better for myself, and as such, become a better person for the ones around me.

The air brings chaos. The chaos feeds the creativity and the creativity feeds the need to start new things or else I get bored.

Since this is the last month of me being 30 I’m going to work on looking at it from another angle.

The air brings creativity. Creativity brings joy. Joy brings the need to enjoy both the process and the project. No more chaos. No more boredom.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but maybe it’s not. I’ve already kept to my schedule, and the house is spotless. The next project will be to clean out my clothing (but I’ll do that once the baby is born and I can remove the maternity clothing). Now I’m going to allow the organization to bleed into the rest of my life.


Starting with the finishing of old WIPs. Meet the bf’s fingertipless gloves for pc work 🙂

A quick project, but it took me a week to weave in the ends and steam them. Now that they are finished I feel like I could have done that when I finished knitting them. But I got bored with them and started another project. I’m really happy that they’re done and I can focus on the other projects now.

While the gloves were hibernating, I cast on for my chocomel stockings. Now this is not really a new project, but rather me revisiting an old project that wouldn’t work out the way I wanted it to. I  originally cast on for these in november 2014, wanting to knit myself stockings (100 gram per foot instead of 50). I’ve never knit 100 gram per sock before so I wasn’t sure where I would end up. I normally knit socks cuff-down and I really didn’t want to waste any of this pretty yarn. In the end I decided to knit toe-up, failed miserably and started cuff down, and at some point I just let it be for a while.

My knitting friends knit both pairs at the same time and even though I had tried it once very early on in my sock knitting career, I never felt the need to revisit this method. My friends also knit socks t0e-up like pros and I still never dared to try it. That is until one of said friends pointed me towards this pattern. It’s a very cheap and very amazing pattern, and it helped me to knit a fitting toe-up sock for the first time. I’m really pleased with the results!

I’m normally a huge fan of the top-down, slip 1, k1, style heel flap, because it makes for a very wear&tear proof heel flap. The only problem is that it’s always a bit bulky and usually sticks out a little (when I wear my shoes). It’s also always a bit loose. Another problem is that the socks I knit never wear at the heel, there’s wear at the toes and under the foot, but never at the heel. Not even a little bit. So I wonder if its’ really important to make a heavy duty heel, rather than a heavy duty bottom. What would happen if you’d knit the whole bottom the way you knit the heel? Or at least at the spots where the sock usually wears out…

Then there’s the part where you always have to pick up the stitches along the way and decrease. Now I don’t have a problem with the process, I’ve become very good at it and I can knit a sock in 2 days (which I find acceptable :P), but this method is a lot easier to follow and a lot easier to execute. I could knit the whole sock blind, except for the heel. Now I can knit that part blindly as well!

There’s also no need to keep knitting all of my socks toe-up or two pairs at the same time. I can still use this technique while working on dpn’s, so I’m very happy indeed!

Please go and check the pattern! It will definitely be worth it! I promise!!

Well I’ll be using this method for all the socks I’ll knit from this moment on, but these princess socks will still have to be finished using the ‘old’ heel.

While we’re talking about FO’s (the gloves), it might not be a bad idea to mention the spinning. Here’s the novemberlight yarn I finished a while ago. I hadn’t washed it and I hadn’t measured it, so it wasn’t finished in my book. I ended up with 424 meters (100 grams).

This one was even a bit older. It’s a 3 ply and I ended up with 188 meters (50 grams).

My latest spinning FO is the skein with the minibatts. It’s been spun on two russian style spindles and plied on the ashford joy2. I ended up with 505 meters, 3 ply, but I don’t know how much it weighs. I think it’s about 100 grams but I’m not really sure.

In other news, the bunnies only want to be outside. For now I don’t mind because they’re nice and furry and I’m reassured that they won’t be cold. But I have to trim them next week and then they won’t be able to go outside for a bit (unless it gets warmer).

I’ll leave you with the picture I just took (when the bunnies returned). This picture was taken right before the storm hit and it embodies what I love about spring. The almost neon glow of the green leaves against the dark sky. <3

Happy knitting 🙂


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