My little minions are growing… soon they will give me pretty bell peppers and cotton balls to spin.. muhahahaHAHAA..

So the cute little green sprouting things  on this picture are the bell pepper plants. Aren’t they pretty? Before I planted them I did some research and learned that bell peppers aren’t easy to grow because it can take a long time for them to sprout and they need warm temperatures. I don’t know about the rest of the world but there’s no summer yet in Holland. I’ve seen warmer days in the fall.. I decided to plant the seeds in an old aquarium and see what would happen and lo and behold it worked! The aquarium isn’t airtight because there’s a lot of airholes in the cover, so it vents but the air inside is still 5-7 degrees (celcius) warmer. Even on colder, overcast and rainy days it’s still nice and warm in the aquarium.

The picture you see was taken roughly three days ago. By now the cotton seeds in the front (not sure if you can see them) have sprouted as well. Before long I’ll have to plant the cotton seeds in a jar and the bell plants in nice pots so they have enough room to grow. I read somewhere that a bell pepper plant grown in a pot may give 3-5 bell peppers. I hope they live up to the expectations because I love me some bell peppers!

I’m not sure if this plant is actually still alive or not but it doesn’t really matter. I know I’ve planted the seeds too late but I guess I can always try. If it doesn’t work out I’ll plant another set next april.

Here you can see the cotton plants/ seeds. Three of them are visible, but I planted around 10-12 so they might come up just yet. What I have noticed is that it’s really important to clean the seeds before planting because some of them were still covered in cotton fuzz and those are taking the longest time to sprout. If they don’t sprout I’ll collect them again and try again next year.

This one came up last but looks like its growth mostly happened under the earth 😛 This other one is still a bit weird…

I’m still not really knitting but I’m sure I will.. I can’t wait to kick of the Tour and to get some spinning done! I was planning to get some carding done before the tour but then I coudn’t decide if I wanted to blend the 100 grams of Castlemilk Moorit with silk or not.. so I ended up not doing anything. I guess I can start with the big bag of (I believe 1.5kilo) of toadstool golf (it’s a temporary name for the colorway).

I think growing plants is teaching me to be a bit more patient… A while ago (I can’t remember when) I decided to plant an avocado seed. I googled and learned what to do (stick some toothpicks in the sides and hang it in a glass of water). A few weeks went by and now it looks like this:

I love planting things.. I love taking the time to look at them everyday and to see how they’ve grown; the difference between size is actually visible! You don’t need a garden to grow things. You don’t need a huge balcony to grow things, just a cup of water and patience 🙂

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  1. How cool are you? Looks like all your time and effort is paying off. I am envious of your green thumb, as mine is black! 🙂

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