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Every fall I hang some bird omnomnom on the balcony (and each year they get bigger). This year the cats are ‘grown’ into adulthood and feel they can take a fat bird or two. Last year when they were just wee kittens they were a bit intimidated by them. I won’t let them on the balcony ofcourse but that won’t stop them from staring out of the window meowing like crazy 😛

Leyburn socks

Though I’ve been insanely busy doing uni stuff I’ve managed to find some time knitting. I only knit socks and only when the patterns really speak to me. Ever since I finished the Francie socks for my BF he asked me to knit some more and then some. When I knit my Kalajoki‘s he told me it was quite amazing that such a river pattern could be knit in a sock using only a string and a few needles. When I asked him if he wanted a pair of his own he said he wants them all… (he’s a keeper you know).

I did tell him that I’d choose the patterns because I have to knit them so I have to LIKE knitting them, that way I’ll be able to finish them much sooner.

So that’s how I came to start the Leyburn socks. They were supposed to be knit for my BF but because I’m a bit of an idiot they won’t fit him. See I managed to knit the standard women’s size for him 😛 Which you might have guessed: is too small. So tho they do actually fit his foot, the sock is stretched out because of the patter. If the sock would’ve been like the francie it would’ve fit, but this pattern is a bit too tight.

There’s also another thing. While in fact at first I thought knitting socks toe-up was the way to go. But back then I didn’t really understand sock construction and was only afraid the sock would be too wide and I’d have to start over.. I also had a thing taking negative ease a step too far 😛 I believe this was a reaction to the old 80s and 90s (huge) sweaters my mom used to knit for me when I was a kid, making me hate knitting and knitted stuff altogether for a large chunk of my teenage life. Not blaming my mom here.. just blaming knitting fashion..

Anyways, now that I’m older and wiser I choose to knit my socks cuff-down because ending with a grafted means (in my case) a much prettier toe. Also I’ve found it’s much easier to check where the toe shaping should begin than where the heel should be turned… I constantly need my measuring tape to be sure that I’ve got 2″ left for the heel turn.

Leyburn socks

See how the fabric seems stretched out already? This is mostly because of the pattern because the other side isn’t as bad. I decided that this sock would be a technique practice sock for me. I want to knit this sock with an afterthought heel because I thoroughly deteste short row heels. I really hate the holes you get with shortrow heels (and toes). At least in my case.

Obviously since I wanted to knit these for the BF with larger needles I need some other yarn to hold double. I think it was a huge succes on my kalajoki’s so I want to try it with drops alpaca on these next socks.

Foto1365The grey yarn is the same Lidl Valbella as I used on the Francie socks, the alpaca was used for the Lacey Mitts. The project was nice to knit but I ended up not using them, so I reclaimed the yarn for something better. I’m afraid it’ll be a daytime project tho.. 😛


Another reason for not posting much is this here.. We have a small 1.75×2.30 room that couldn’t be used for anything other than storage. We tried to use it.. but it didn’t work out.. we don’t really have a storage room so the whole house is cluttered with stuff we can’t throw away but don’t have the space for. But now we do! 😀


I can’t believe the amount of stuff that’s already stalled in here but the room isn’t even near half ful! This is a magical room people.. I love it 😀 We’re still busy cleaning out the house (while doing uni stuffs obviously) but this might take a while 😛

And then there’s another reason for being late with knitting posts: last week we celebrated the BF’s birthday 🙂 It was nice and there were a lot of candles, nice foods, roses and some wine but this is what I’d like to share with you knitters:


cupcake fest was awesome 😀 I gained 5 pounds just looking at them in the cupcake shop 😛

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