Fairs.. the bane of my wallets existence

But I love them sooo much.. I went to the weaving fair/ market in Hoorn and I emptied my pockets.. (but it’s okay, because I got a lot of fuzzy love in return). Broke but would do again 10/10.

Let me start with the last purchase of the day. These are handdyed and hand carded fibers from shetland and clun forest sheep living in the Netherlands. I love the idea that this fiber has been growing in one of the many Dutch polder landscapes. *le sigh*. I have no idea what I’m going to do with this stuff, but I expect it will speak to me when it’s ready.

Cashmere. I have it. 270 grams of it. It cost me a near fortune, but I have it. Now what to do with it…. hahaha lol just kidding I know EXACTLY what I’m going to do with it. I’m going to hug it (it’s 30 degrees Celcius out here.. so no I won’t hug it). I’m going to keep it at arms-length and adore it. (amongst other things).

Merino and merino silk blends. Both colors have one strip of merino, and one strip of merino silk blended. You can see Β it clearly (on my monitor) on the right (red) fiber. The colors are really hard to capture on camera, the yellow one nearly glows πŸ˜›

I absolutely love these little batts! The two on the right are merino silk, and the two on the left are (I believe) shetland blended with something else (I forgot). I love the colors and I can totally see something autumn-y happening here!

Some awesomeness from Dutch Wool Diva. I’m going to save these so I can enjoy spinning them πŸ™‚

Also: 22 micron merino in oatmeal (I love oatmeal) and 4 (smaller) bits of neon dyed 24 micron merino. I simply couldn’t resist!

Last but not least: I have been spinning! This time it’s a cashmere x silk blend I bought from De Spinners. I dyed some of it with black and brown food coloring and I intend to dye the final yarn yellow. I think the black/ gray and the brown will give the yarn an interesting effect, but I’ll have to wait and see πŸ™‚

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  1. Gorgeous fibers, all of them! Fiber fairs really do have a way of sucking out the contents of one’s wallet – and making you feel good about it!

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