evil broodings

yes.. as the title indicates I’m brooding on an evil plot to crack the misteries of the top down Central Park Hoodie. I’ve seen a few examples (thank you Google.. you are my friend) and I’ve seen some very good things, but also a few things I’m not a great fan of. I loved all of te CPHs because I love the pattern but the top-down versions made it more ‘streamlined’. I’ve noticed I’m really not a fan of seams (maybe that’s also why I just cant work on Arisaig for a while since I don’t mind the small needles). I feel seams disrupt the pattern for some reason, but I have to say that I did notice something I didn’t like about the topdown version as well.
The CPH shows two cables in on each front side, which means that one of those cables will have to start somewhere in the middle since there’s no seam at the top. The thing about cables starting in the middle of nowhere doesn’t appeal to me at all…..

So I tried to think about the different possibilities and had a little talk with my mom who gave me some nice advice πŸ˜€


Here’s an ugly drawing made by me πŸ™‚ As you can see on the right side you’d get a weird start for the cable. Now I know you can make the cable start ‘more nicely’ by making visible raglan increases, but I don’t like that either (i’m picky). I’m just not a huge fan of the straight line, or the straight line with holes. And in this case I don’t want to do invisible increases either because of the above stated problem.

So the answer (hopefully) is this: a 2×2 or 4×4 rib between the increases. I’d have to calculate to see where the ribbin would be so that I could make it fit around the purl edges of the cable and make it ‘introduce’ the cable column… (lol)

Anyways, for now it’s just a thought, if I feel like it I just might make a swatch to see how it turns out, if not I just might wing it haha πŸ˜€ But I’m only on the 5th repeat of the top part so I’m not even nearly there πŸ™‚

CPH wipCPH wip

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