drop it like it’s hot..

I appear do things ‘backwards’.. as in start with the end and work my way to the beginning. The normal way would be to buy a dropspindle before you buy a spinningwheel right?

meet my new buddy:

turkish spindle

My first ever turkish dropsindle bought from Woodstory‘s etsy shop. It’s handmade and eco-friendly and there’s different sizes. This one is a small meaning it’s about 11″ high and about 4″ wide. It weighs about 0.52oz/ 15gr. It spins like a dream. So far I’ve been trying out some different things to see how it spins but I can spin it once and spin ’till the spindle is all the way down to the floor (I’m 5’3″/ 1.61m). I’ve been spinning some shetland and bfl and it really spins up nicely.

turkish spindle

I don’t think I’ll use this spindle for the 4-ply I want to make for the Tomten vest, but I’ll be able to use this little drop spindle for the fleece I have lying around. I still have a lot of natural BFL, Gotland cross and Wensleydale lying around. I might get to dye some of these locks and flick card them and just spin them up with my little turkish spindle. I might go for a 2ply for this one. Maybe even singles but I haven’t decided just yet. Let me dye a few locks first and see how well it goes.

turkish spindle

I already love the winding and the way it brings me ‘back to nature’. I somehow managed to order the ‘wrong’ EZ book for the tomten vest and now I’m ‘stuck’ with the Knitters Almanac. Poor me.. (lol). So obviously I’ve been reading it a bit and it struck me how she describes her feeling about knitting Aran sweaters. This is exactly how spinning makes me feel. I’ve never mentioned it to anyone because I felt it was such a weird thing to say but to me spinning feels like an old memory from a previous life. Like at some point I’ve been doing this for a long time and it is a memory that has been sleeping within my DNA or in my hands.. a memory that has come back to life the first time I came across a spindle/ spinning wheel..

anyone else have this feeling? 😛

kitty pic

While taking a break from spinning (and other stuff) I decided to sit down and have a 5 min. coffee brake.. it took a bit longer than intended.. I always feel guilty when I have to wake kitties up to get up *sad face*

tangled yoke cardigan wip

While watching my new fave series Dexter I managed to attach (not while watching) the sleeves I’ve been knitting. It amazes me how good knitting socks has been for my dpn knitting skills. No ladders people.. I can’ t believe it. When I’m rich (hopefully in the near future lol) I’m planning to invest in the whole set of knitpicks (knitpro) symphony wooden dpn sets… (the 15cm ones.. 10 is too short and 20 is too large). I want to have a nice set of  these things because the dpn’s I had to use for this one really sucked. They have these blunt tips and the Wibra Ella yarn splits if you look at it cross eyed… ugh

I’m glad I’m back on the ‘good’ needles again and now progress should follow soon. I’m a little freaky about a: the cable pattern. My gauge is smaller than in the pattern and I’ll have to calculate where my stitch count for the cable is going to be. It’s a 10st repeat but I’ll have to calculate a bit more for the small size and a bit less for the large size. I’m not sure which one to take at this point but I’ll figure it out I guess. If I really have to sit in the middle I’ll go for the small sized cable and add a few stockinette stitches in the middle (where the zipper will be)

The other thing I’m really a bit scared about is the size. I’m not that great with ‘following patterns’ and I can’t really try it on. Another thing I’m calculating on is the growing acrylics so I know it will grow but I don’t know if it’ll grow enough. I really hate loose knits so if it’s too lose I can deal with it.. if it’s too tight I’ll add a buttonband (since I’m going for zippers at this stage). So I’ll have to wait and see. So far I’m liking the way it’s turning out and really looking forward to be able to wear this.

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