don’t know much about.. knitting math

I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned this already or not but I’ve got some problems calculating gauges for differnt yarns.. ok before you think I’m stupid let me explain hehe 🙂

I’ll see a cool pattern on rav and I’ll be excited about it and all and then I realize I don’t want to spend that much on the suggested yarn or I like to use some of my stashed yarn and here’s where the math comes in… I’ll know what the given gauge is and I know what my gauge is, and I’m also capable of calculating the amount of stitches and stuff.. what I don’t know  how to calculate is how much yarn I’ll need for that particular project… :S It’ll say something like 500y and I won’t know if I have to buy 5 or 7 skeins of yarn…..

This is exactly why I’m freaking out about using stashed yarn.. I don’t know what it can be… I don’t know how big the project can be… the worst thing I can imagine is finally finding a great pattern and knitting a sweater of some sorts and having the yarn end on me while I’m knitting the first sleeve… or even worse… .having 1″ to go on the second sleeve…. argh.. I have SO much yarn I need to go through and I’m just being chicken… 🙁

vaila wip

hit me… I knit about 4″ and worked a few rounds of ribbing and then ran out of yarn.. 😛 I’m not frustrated tho.. I ordered two more over the internetz yesterday so it should be arriving tomorrow (thank you Finlandia Import!!). I’ll be finishing this one in the weekend I hope 😀

I know I said I wasn’t going to start on new projects until the old ones were finished, but with the fall closing in I get the feeling I need to adjust my to do list a little. the print o the wave stole will probably not be a priority since it’s an accessory, but the arisaig is a different story… it’s important because of the weather but it’s driving me crazy 😛 The ribbing section is just too much.. So in spite of myself I started on the lacy mitts a few days ago. You can’t really see what it’ll look like yet, and it’s an incredible color for knitting but I’m already very happy with the results so far 😀

lacy mitts wip

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