destashing, organizing, reflecting and planning ahead!

But first: finishing old projects! I have a number of wips that I want to turn into FO’s as soon as possible. There’s three projects I really need to finish.

Handspun BF Tomten
1. Handspun tomten vest

Dude seriously?! I started spinning for this project in april 2011.. I ran out of yarn last year (february 2012). I have, in my defence, made a few rolags and moved to another city, but sheeeshh…

Truffle cardigan
2. Truffle Cardigan for my teacher

Ok I do have a good reason for this one. I started this one before the final presentation for my graduation, so in all honesty I didn’t (at first) have a great deal of time to spend on it. Then it was summer and too hot. You know how you subconsciously know that there’s something really wrong with a project, but you stubbornly refuse to stop and look,  so you keep knitting for days (or weeks) on end only to realize you have to rip back and start over? Well that’s this project for you.. I kept knitting until I was done with the waist shapings and noticed I was running out of yarn, fast. Now my teacher is taller tan I am, so I had cause to stay in denial. I asked my dad to try it on and it was too big for him.

I can’t remember, but I think I cried 😛

I ripped back all the way back to the yoke and started again. I’m almost done with the body decreases and I feel like I’m going to end up with enough yarn to knit another cardigan….

brunhilde wip
3. Brunhilde

This project is without a doubt my biggest project of all time. This project started out as an experiment of hand-carding, blending colors and fibers and spinning them to make a huge project. A grand total of 300 grams of superfine merino and 100 grams of tussah silk were hand dyed (by myself of course), separated and handcarded into fluff that felt like cotton candy.

TdF fiber prep
I wanted peach and I think that’s exactly what I got.  I started spinning (dying and blending that is) for the Tour de Fleece of 2011. I need to get this thing finished before may… seriously..

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let me show you what else I’ve been doing:

space invader shawl
For the fans. A space invader shawl, and I can tell you it’s going to be huuuuuuge.

more yarn for the invader thistle
I’ve so far finished 1 hank of blue (which was about 250 grams), and I’m now knitting with a second hank. I wanted to post the pictures sooner, but this is one of those projects you can’t put down. I keep saying to myself: “ok just one more row of space invaders”, ok just 5 more rows of solid knitting… ok maybe just ONE more… and before you know it, it’s 2 am and you forgot to take pictures again..

I think I’ll stop once I’ve finished the blue yarn, but I can’t really be sure. I’m also not really sure about the edging. I think a solid color would look nicer than squares of white and blue.

granny squares
Even though I haven’t been really focused on the matter, I have been producing some granny squares…

granny squares sorted
It’s a bit weird but I feel like I’ve been making granny squares for ages, but have nothing to show for it. I couldn’t be bothered to lay them flat and compose a shape, but I think there’s more squares than it seems.

sleeping kitty
I’m really sorry but you knew that this was the internet and you came here at your own risk.. suddenly. cat.

This is how my cat sleeps. I know that I’ve posted many many catpictures and you must be tired as hell of seeing my cats, but seriously.. LOOK AT HER.. why does she sleep like that..

happy purring knitting

3 thoughts on “destashing, organizing, reflecting and planning ahead!

  1. Unfinished big projects are annoyingly stubborn, aren’t they? How they just… keep… sitting there… making you feel guilty. While all the new patterns and yarns keep calling you away…

    Your cat is adorable! I could never get tired of kitty pictures 😀

  2. Cat photos and knitting goes together, and that’s that! 🙂
    Loads of fabulous looking projects there! Imagine how damn good you’ll feel each time you finish one of them!

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