destash FO: holiday infinity cowl

I’m preparing for the new year by enjoying 2012 to the fullest. The dark days, the cheery lights and the knitting. Here’s what I’ve been doing the past few days.

infinity cowl
I had bought four balls of dark red acrylics yarn from the Zeeman to knit an old school 90s Christmas sweater, but Christmas came and went, and I was still to CO for the sweater. So in the end I decided not to cast on just yet, and chose to crochet an infinity cowl instead.

infinity cowl
I was going for “huge” and I’m happy with the way it turned out. It’s 100% acrylics yarn, but it’s still nice and soft. I must say I’m really pleased with the Zeeman yarns.

infinity cowl
I haven’t stopped wearing it, and I’ve been inspired to make more of these.

I’ve been working on a rework of Rosalie. You might remember rosalie as my first knitting design attempt. I threw it in the washer by accident and it came out the size of a doll…

I finished the first Rosalie in 2010, and I was so upset about felting it that I didn’t feel like looking at it for quite a while. It took me almost three years to get over it (lol), but I think the rework will be much better than the original.

Rosalie wip
It’s a wip I like spending time with. The drops alpaca is so nice and soft 🙂

I’m really sorry but I can’t show too many pictures of it yet. I want the reveal to be a bit of a surprise 🙂

new stitch markers
What do you think of my new stitch markers?

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