Dear Flickr

I’ve never written you any letters. This will be the first. I’ve never said how much I appreciate you and all of the wonderful things you offer me. In the end, I guess, that’s because I pay you for the services you offer me, but I’m still grateful nonetheless.

I’m writing you to let you know that there’s something lacking in our relationship. Something, I feel, needs to be addressed. You see (and you’re probably well aware of this already), I’m a blogger.

Being a blogger is what defines me as a person (strange isn’t it). I don’t blog because I feel like the world should heed my words. I blog because it’s a part of who I am. This whole blog has been (and still IS) a great journey you and I are both on, and I feel like we’ve become quite good friends during the past five years. You’ve seen my better (and not so good) moments. You’ve seen me happy, you’ve seen me sad. But most of all, dear Flickr, you have seen me grow. As a knitter, a photographer, but most of all as a person.

You were with me when I took the first craptastic cellphone pictures for my blog.

Remember the times when I thought 16:9 ratio was the sh*t?! Good times man!

How about that time when I changed my blog theme for the sixth time, and you taught me all about that little ‘macro setting’ thingy on the camera?

We’ve been through so much fun stuff together! We’re like old buddies! *sigh*

Right now, I’m at a point where I look back at all the silly things I’ve done and I smile in memory. There’s just one teeny tiny thing that is making me feel very stressed out and unhappy, my dear Flickr. You see, when I started out I thought that a good picture meant “gazillion megapixel picture time”. So the older the picture, the longer it takes to load. So I decided to cut myself and my viewers some slack by resizing my pictures.

By changing the size, of course I mean filesize. “Save for web”.

In order for me to do so, I’d need to download the whole flickr archive, edit them in some photo editing sofware, and replace them. I know you offer the possibility to downsize an image with aviary, but you don’t offer me the option to reduce the filesize (and keep the image size).

I have 1.958 pictures in my Flickr archive.

Why… is it not possible to download all the pictures (and I don’t mean via some 3d party software darnit!), and upload them in a way that doesn’t involve REPLACING each and every single picture ONE bye ONE…? I realize that you are a photo sharing website, and may feel that this is not part of your responsibility. But you know what Flickr, this  one by one replacing of images is very inconvenient…

I’m a little upset, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be your friend anymore. I just hope you can see (and understand) my distress. Maybe you can find a way to make this blogger a little happier. Perhaps you cannot. Either way, I’ve said what I wanted to say, now I’ll go and replace some of the pictures I’ve just downloaded and editted.

yours sincerely,


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  1. Love this post – did you send it to them? And I remember discovering the macro setting on my camera too! 🙂 It was life changing!

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