Creatures – form out of nothing *knitknit*

It’s the end of an era (lol) but this blog will from this day forward be known as “Lilirious knits”. Why? Well… the blog has a different function than when it began. This used to be a crafting/ drawing/ knitting blog, but the knitter went nutter and a coup followed, banning the other hobbies to the outskirts of the blog. They’ll come by and say hi every once in a while but not quite as often as planned. So I guess it’s time to move on 🙂

And moving on, ofcourse, happens with some progress knitting 😀

unnamed 1.0

unnamed 1.0

the pattern doens’t really show yet but that might be because of the weird red shirt underneath… 😛

Also the end of the URL to this blog will be changed from ~/blog/ to ~/knit/

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