Yesterday, after some research, I started on my Central Park Hoodie. I’ve been waiting to do this project for ages and I’m totally psyched about the knit 🙂 And since I enjoyed working on Vaila so much I decided to do this one top-down as well.. again, it’s the first time I’m knitting a hoodie, and my second sweater-like (in size) ever so yes I know I’m an idiot. The thing is that my biggest fear in knitting is that I won’t get a nice snug fit, and that the sewing together will leave ugly seams and it will stretch in places I don’t want it to stretch. This is reason enough for me to keep doing this to myself. I like keeping things interesting I guess hehe. Anyway, I’ve found some more people on Rav who are (way) more experienced than me and who have successfully knit the CPH top down. So I’m thinking that if I follow their notes I might be able to pull this one off as well 😀

I think I’ll need to use a lot of lifelines for this project, even if it’s just to keep my cables organized at first haha 😛

I already started with the hood 🙂 What do you think of my stitchmarkers? I made them myself 😀

CPH wip

Another thing I’d like to share 🙂 I’ve always (even as a kid) wanted to have a cat, so my parents thought “sure why not” and we got the cutes little kitten 🙂 A few days later my dad started sneezing and coughing and within two weeks the kitten was gone. Nowadays I’ve got my own appartment and some 75+m2 free for cute little kitten(s)/ cat(s), so I’ve been looking and doing some research on creating a safe environment for them (since I live on the 2nd & 3d floor and have a busy street nearby). But while searching I find the cutest little kitties you can imagine. Here’s a picture from the kattenplaza forum:


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