I feel like a good and thorough de-stashing 🙂 At the moment I have a huge stash, the only problem is that a lot of this stash is either unusable (and I really don’t like throwing away good but unmatching yarn), or just not enough to become something very nice… Most of it is acrylic (and cheap!) yarn so in a way I don’t mind not using it because it’s good enough for experiments or ovenmitts… 😛

Anyway, I’ve already made a small start on finishing the last three wip’s I have in my ‘under construction’ list. The Shipwreck, Arisaig and the Print O the wave stole which has been lying around since april…. 😛

In an attempt to organize the daily knitting a little I got me a little basket where I can put all things for my daily knitting in. Everything I need is in there and the three projects I’ll be working on most are in there as well.

Here’s a little update on Sackboy 2.0 as well. I’m still looking for some better buttons for the eyes but this’ll have to do for now 🙂 Also I made the little guy a little hat but I think it’s not so visible on the picture. I’ll make sure to take some better pics once the stitching is all done 🙂

I’ve also been working on the Shipwreck for a little while and I’ve made some nice progress 🙂 I left out the smaller beads tho because it was taking a lot of time to keep sliding them over my yarn. The other problem was that the sliding made the yarn all worn and messy. I’m not sure if I’ll still need all the beads because obviously I’ll have much much less beads than called for in the pattern, but I guess I can fix that in the last three rounds as well. If I see it’s getting too light I’ll just add another few rounds with a lot of beads 🙂

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