or at least that’s how I’m picturing this image.. I’m very sorry for the lack of updates but you see there’s things in life you can’t work your way around.. sometimes Real Life catches up with you and demands you to get your priorities in check..

Anyways, I used to really like drawing on my wacom tablet a lot but I can’t seem to draw when I’m under a lot of stress.. I need to be able to relax so finally after a long while I made a sketch I actually really like 🙂 It’s not a finished piece, it’s just something I’ve worked on for a half an hour but I’m trying to make more and more of these simple sketches. She’s supposed to be an angel but the wings aren’t there yet hahaha

concept sketch angel

This years blogging will be about finding the perfect balance between work life and hobby. I know I started out with a story about how I wanted to have a drawing each week and then I didn’t post for a whole month haha.. I wasn’t running away from the drawing as I’ve already explained, and getting my RL shit together was a good move since I’ve emptied my worries from my head and can focus on the finer things in life again 🙂

Anyways, in the past two months I tried to cut on coffee.. failed miserably and then The Man gave me a Nespresso as an early Valentines gift 😀

Afbeelding 12

So instead I embraced my love for caffeine and started enjoying life more than I had in a while haha (yay for nespresso).

So updates on works…. I’ve decided to finally get the Print o the wave and the Arisaig done before I start on something else.. first in line is the unnamed which will be getting a name real soon. I decided to make it with short sleeves in the end since the long big poofy sleeves were bugging me. They did turn out the way I had planned but they just sucked 😛

short post but I’ll be updating more regularly again 😉


I’ve been doing some more sketchwork lately and I’d like to show some. These sketches can also be seen on my sketchbook thread on CG. Anyhoo, I’ve been doing some anat0my studies because.. well.. obviously I need to learn how the human body works so I can make nice drawings from imagination 🙂 The following are very quick masterstudies. I wanted to be able to catch the main posture and sillouette in 10 minutes. I made these with a timer. I do realize they look a bit sketchy and rough but they are intended that way. I was just going for the main shapes. I don’t think I’ll ‘finish’ these because this way I can compare them easier because I know I’ve worked on them for 10 minutes and not longer.

I hope to do a lot more of these because I really enjoyed doing these sketches. Besides the quick sketches I also finished the David torso from the previous post.

torso 45torso 42torso 26torso 43alp2 - David

David, torso

Before I started this blog I used to do some drawing on CGSociety. I became lazy and started making excuses like ‘I’m too busy’ and other stuff. But since I’m ‘back’ from being a slacker I’d like to show some of my previous works as well as a wip of a master study of Michelangelo’s David. It’s a part of the second part of the Anatomy Lessons given by Rebecca Kimmel.

ALP2 - Michelangelo's David

It’s not that much but I’m glad I picked it up again 🙂 I promised myself to keep my sketchbook up to date and I’ll try to keep some of it posted on my blog as wel.

Here’s some of my older work:

Art Journaling

So today I’ve been making some additions to my art journal. I’ve got inspired to make even more art since I started this blog so I finished one page and then made another. There’s nothing like making art and drinking tea on a stormy and gray day like today. I don’t know where you are and what the weather’s like where you live but in Rotterdam it’s windy and rainy today. So I’m sitting by the window (and the radiator) and I’d like to show you what I’ve been doing this morning 🙂

The funny thing with me is that I sometimes buy art supplies but don’t use them for a long while. The same thing happened to my watercolor pencils and oil pastels. I’m a sucker for art supplies and stuff. Shopping for clothes just doesn’t do it for me.. shopping for shoes however does, but even them I’m mostly thinking about customizing them. Like the new rip-off all stars I bought made my boyfriend buy me. I’m going to customize them soon and I’ll post the pictures here when I’m done 😀

Anyway, when I buy art supplies I usually get very inspired to do a lot of drawing and such. This actually goes for everything creative or possibly creative I buy. But with the pastels it didn’t work. I was in a rather uninspirational period of my life back then and as a result the pastels and the watercolor pencils remained untouched. That is, until I started journaling. I’ve noticed there’s a LOT you can do with oil pastels and watercolors. I, unfortunately, don’t have water soluble oil pastels but I can still get cool effects with mineral spirits or my clover mini iron.

I use the mini iron for wax as wel. This is a little trick I learned from Suzi Blu (you really should check out her videos at youtube.com). Though instead of using beeswax I use colored candles. I really like the effect the colored wax adds to the pages.

I don’t think is really visible on these pictures but I’ve used some of the glitter glue pens on these pages for a little sparkling effect 😀 I’m really happy with how it turned out 🙂

This page is actually not for me but for little princess Mandana. My cousin gave birth to a cute little baby girl three weeks ago and I can’t help but wonder about how she’s grow up to be and whatnot. So I wrote down all of the things I whish for her to have and be like happiness and all of the advice I could give her. I then wrote some more things that I’d like to tell her when she’s grown up and all of the things I wish for her and then covered it with a magic princess wand and little harts.

Are you feeling the love yet? hahaha
I also made this on tho it’s not really finished yet 🙂 I’m going to finish it soon.

Dollhouse Drama

I’ve been inspired a lot by a few people (a lot of people) on youtube.com but especially by Suzi Blu and Willowing. I’ve always been interested in drawing and painting but the concept of an ‘art journal’ was unclear to me untill a few months ago. I was browsing on youtube when I came across this very personal art journal and amazed by the way these people told their life in images instead of plain writing in a diary. I realized it Before this happened I had actually stopped drawing for a few years and had forgotten how happy it used to make me to draw.

So I started an art journal. At first it was more an attempt at drawing than an actual art journal but in time the drawings started to actually mean something and I got better at making an image of what I really felt that day. The journal was a small blue molesine like booklet i got from an ikea store a while earlier and was not exactly what I felt my art journal should look like. It wasn’t the least bit inspiring to draw in so I worked on the cover untill it looked nice 🙂

and this is what the cover looks like now:

My art journal isn’t filled with pretty images yet but I’d still like to show a few pages that mean a lot to me already:
These two images were both made after a dip and both made me feel ver happy!

One of the things I sometimes find difficult is to show people who I really am. I can be a very loud and happy person but I can be extremely shy and quiet as well….

Though it may sound strange or lame, it really has helped me out a lot 🙂 I don’t want to spend my life in the shadows, being affraid of what people think of me.

Anyway, so I got myself (actually I made my boyfriend buy it) a pack of Glitter Glue!! I’m going to have so much fun with it! I’ll put some pictures online when I’ve got some nice drawings 😀

bye for now 🙂