Bunny update! (I can’t believe this is my first post in October…)

It’s time for another bunny update! I know I haven’t blogged for a while and there’s a lot to talk about, but for now I’d like to focus on the bunnies and their fuzzy, bunny adventures!


This is where they’re living now (I made these 2 weeks ago with the intention to blog about them). As you can see they’ve been separated for a while because I’d like to keep just 2 bunnies and not have 12 (just yet). This monday poor little Bam will be ‘helped’ and he’ll be able to play with his buddy Zuzu again.


So here’s another glamour shot of Bam 🙂 Isn’t he handsome? Believe it or not; I brush them every other day, but they still manage to look like they’ve never seen a brush in their lives within the next hour 😛 (such is the bunny way of life).


Zuzu has become quite the escapee! She managed to free herself so many times I was forced use some screws to keep everything in place. I was very much afraid that the cats would see them as food, but fortunately that’s not the case and they even seem to be a little scared of them. They like being with them, but they don’t want the bunnies to get too close (so they jump out of the way when they do).


Unfortunately for Kiwi and Noodles, little Zuzu is very interested in them and wants nothing more than to sniff their tails. This little lady is quite the diva and wants things her way. At the moment they’re being ‘potty trained’, and it’s working out much better than I had thought.


They love running around on the rug and hiding under the couch, though I’m not a fan of the latter myself. I’m almost done with bunnyproofing the living room and when Bam has fully recovered they’ll be allowed to roam free 🙂


They’re getting very fuzzy now and I’ve cut away some of the fuzz to clear their eyes so they can see better 🙂 I’m still not done spinning all their fuzz from the first clippings so I should hurry before it gets too compact/ matted to spin at all.. it is babyfuzz after all!

3 thoughts on “Bunny update! (I can’t believe this is my first post in October…)

  1. I was looking at your posts and you started a hand knotted carpet back in June, can you tell me the make of the loom you are using… I would like to make my own steel loom and was wanting to find more information about the one you have. Any info you have on it would we helpful. How is the carpet coming along?

  2. I sent you an email regarding the loom 🙂 the carpet was on hold because I accidentally broke my scissors and had to ask my mom for new ones 🙂 Now I can start again 🙂

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