I still can’t believe it! We went to our first ever yarn fair and it was so awesome!

My friend is standing next to me, but I forgot to ask permission to put her picture on the web and it’s kind of late to ask now so (sorry M. <3)

I’ve been thinkin about it and planning for it for a very long time and I’ve been a little stressed and everything about it so that explains the lack of blogging. It’s a big thing you know, your first fair. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what to take with me (and what to leave behind). I had a 5 month old baby to take with me. You know me by now, taking the difficult road every step of the way ?

There’s so much trial and error. I guess the only thing that matters right now is that we experienced our first fair and we learned a LOT. We’re definitely going to be at the next Breidagen as well, but before we go to the Breidagen we’re going to KreaDoe in Utrecht 🙂

One of the attractions at the fair was Melina 🙂 She was a total champ on all three days! She took a few naps wrapped up in the wrap, a few naps being walked in the stroller and then theres this:

This is honestly the most adorable thing ever <3

And this too <3

The best naps are taken at home though, in a little cosy bed <3

Thank you all! Thank you for being at the breidagen! Thank you for coming to our booth and saying hi! Thank you for buying our yarns! Thank you for visiting us and the shoutouts and the incredible amount of love! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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  1. Je doet het geweldig, Lili! Fijn om te zien hoe je geniet, en blijf vooral relaxed (nou ja…) kids, zaak en hobby’s combineren. En je moeder ziet er geweldig uit! Is die meneer je vader? Die ken ik nog niet, mag die niet in de zaak in Utrecht helpen? ?

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