BFL roving dye: Dandelion

I’m posting twice today because I don’t want to clutter my FO posts, but there’s something I’d love to tell you about 🙂 I’ve bought 300 grams of naturel colored BFL roving from wol-uniek and it arrived on friday 🙂 Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the superpretty and airy rovings I received (sorry) but I do have pictures of the dye results 😀 After the merino coloring from the previous posts my mom told me about safflower. She told me she had a huge pile of powder left she had been gifted, which didn’t use (as safflower doesn’t smell like saffron). It had already been tested on the next dyeing event and had proved to be very effective 😀

food coloring

The safflower powder and the green food coloring bought at the Chinese toko proved to be quite a fun experment 🙂

BFL roving by

The safflower powder was mixed with vinegar and heated au-bain-marie to make sure all of the powder was solved in the vinegar mix. I wasn’t sure if I should use the green food coloring undiluted or not because I didn’t want the green to be very dominant. So not knowing what to expect I mixed the food coloring with vinegar as well and poored it over the roving.

BFL roving by

I rolled up the whole thing and put it in the microwave for 5 minutes but it wasn’t really hot yet, so I shoved it in for another 5 minutes. Once I rolled the roving out into the sink there was no color left and all the pigment was stuck to the roving yay 🙂

BFL roving by

I’m totally happy with the way it turned out and hope to be able to start spinning very soon 🙂 but before I do there’s a little something else I’d like to show you:

wip jaywalker toe-up

It’s the beginnings of my first Jaywalker socks 🙂 The toe-up edition!

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