BFL Dandelion in action

So here’s another double post today 🙂 I’ve been sitting here on my chilling spot awesome outdoors office and been trying out my next spinning project. As I’ve already told you my goal in life (well…) is learning how to spin as many meters as a malabrigo hank (yes 3 ply) from the same weight. Once I can do this and have a nice consistent yarn I’ll have achieved my goal. The 100 grams of Merino gave me a nice 300 meters of 2 ply (which is nice but is 300m less than I needed for 3-ply… So since I’m still learning I don’t mind at all.. and I’m actually quite happy with the amount of yarn I managed to produce 🙂

With the merino I tried some different kinds of techniques (learned from the internets of course) and got some weird results which were nice and thin at some points but quite irregular and thick at others. This time I’m doing a combination between drafting and long-draw while pincing the yarn…. wtf right? 😛 I’m inventing stuffs as I go hahaha

I’ve read somewhere that there is no right or wrong when it comes to spinning so I just went ahead and tried out whatever seemed to work best which was pincing the yarn to stop the spin from moving up, draft a bit and let the spin move up and then long-draw.. a bit weird but it works quite consistently so far 🙂

BFL Dandelion

This is what I look like while spinning… excuse the punk hair (no don’t excuse the messiness). I love The Man for putting up with this (he actually likes my spinning and treats it as of it’s actual yarn and he never complains about it yay!). The pile on the right of the wheel is a quarter of the predrafted Dandelion roving. I split it in two and then split one half in two again and that’s what I predrafted… so there’s a whole lot left.

BFL Dandelion

This is what’s been spun up from half of the predrafted fibre. The green has become quite light but when it’s plied with the yellows I think it’ll look nice 🙂 I wouldn’t want to have it to epxlosive 🙂

BFL Dandelion

To document mostly for myself what I’ve been doing I added a close-up picture with my left index finger for a scale reference. There’s some inconsistency as to the thickness of the strands but overall it’s about the same I think (especially compared to the previous spinning project 🙂 )

Besides spinning I’ve been doing some swatching for my evil plans for the Malabrigo sock yarn I’ve got lying around.

malabrigo illusion knitting swatch

I’ve been intruiged by shadow/ illusion knitting for quite a while but I never really got to it…

malabrigo illusion knitting swatch

I really love the subtle effect it has. This picture really sucks because IRL the heart is much more visible but it’s okay for now 🙂

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