Back to the future

The whole reason I ever started this blog was to organize my hobbies and try to give everything a place. Since then it’s been living a life of it’s own and taken some unexpected turns haha 😛 I do realize that I might sound very ‘dramatic’ when I say all this, but I feel I’m at the crossroads and I’m confused a lot haha 😛 I’ve had a lot of interests all my life but i’ve never been the kind of person to be persistant and to continue. I’ve done all sorts of stuff but I haven’t managed to continue these activities. The reasons are unimportant because if I had really liked these activities I would’ve pursued them anyway.. but I never did.

My parents put me in nearly every class I wanted as a kid but for some reason back then I didn’t like any of them, or I was just too busy being a kid 😀 But now, I have the feeling that I have to make up for ‘lost’ time and I have to start doing every single thing I could have continued but never did. And now I feel I’m at the crossroads.

When I was still doing Building Technology and Architecture I always felt, no matter how far away it was, that I needed to do something else. I was getting my degree but was not willing to spend the rest of my life actually fulfulling a function in that direction. But ever since I gave all that up and pursued urbanism this need has disappeared. I no longer feel like I must do something else other than what I’m studying to become. I’m actually excited to start working in this field so I feel that now my hobbies can just be hobbies I enjoy doing.

What is it with this self-torture right? 😛

Now I feel the need to let some hobbies rest and die peacefully, and maybe by doing that I can start drawing again because I actually love drawing and painting 🙂

Now that this has been cleared up (at least for myself that is) I’d like to show something I did 🙂

print o the wave

Last post I said some unpleasant things about the print o the wave, but now I realize I didn’t mean that 😛 I’ve been struggling with this pattern since the first swatch I ever made. I loved the pattern but the combination between the (for me) superthin yarn and the unfamiliar pattern made it a very tough job. Obviously I should’ve waited with this project for when I had enough experience with lace and laceweight yarn but obviously I’m the kind of person who jumps in first and asks questions later…. 😛 Now that I’m doing the edging I’m actually falling in love with the pattern again. I did make a lot of mistakes in this stole because of my inexperience. I promised this one to my mom because she liked the pattern a lot and at first I didn’t think about making another one but now that I’m working on the edging I just might be tempted to do so 🙂

print o the wave

2 thoughts on “Back to the future

  1. Nazli jan,
    dastet dard nakone. Az didane karhat vaghean lezat bordam.
    Movafagh bashi.

    liefs, Wafa

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