back to the future… again…

yeaaahhhh it’s meeee recycling post titlesss šŸ™‚

ok I let out the crazy, I can talk again. I realized with a shock that I still haven’t finished the print o’ the wave stole since I started it in april 2009… Now I know I’m a procrastinator when it comes to this particular project but it’s not deserved.. The pretty pattern and the lucious yarn haven’t done anything to give me the right of hating them so much… so lets’ not šŸ™‚

Though I’ve gotten tired of working on it at times I still have a lot of love for this project. It’s my first lace project ever and as always I started it way too soon. I’ve already explained this a few times but there’s something that won’t allow me to take things one step at a time. It teaches me a lot and it keeps me interrested but at times it’s frustrating and it can be tiresome as well. I might’ve enjoyed the knitting part much more if I had started this project today or last week, but at least now I know how to appreciate the project, and since it’s not done yet I’ll go on and enjoy the process while I can šŸ™‚

I thought that by now I would’ve been so tired of fine laceweight knitting that I would never bother again, but if anything it has inspired me to go on and start another lace project šŸ™‚ obviously now I understand a LOT more about lace knitting than I did in the beginning, so it won’t be such a difficult process, or so I hope.


I think partly the renewed love is caused by a near death experience this shawl nearly had.. I had a bottle of orange juice in my bag, but I had completely forgotten about it when I put the bag on the kitchen table… Normally it’s no problem since there’s not much that can happen in one day… you’d think. Our kitchen is south-oriented and there’s a big flat in front of our house, so even though we’re on the third floor we don’t have direct sunlight in the middle of winter. But I forgot that the middle of winter has passed and it’s almost spring.. and by now we have a LOT of sunshine in the kitchen…. and it tends to get hot since there’s a lot of windows and a lot of sun… and the orange juice…. :'(

So I come home from uni and smell orange juice… it had spilled all over the stole and it had killed my 3.5mm nova metal knitpro needles…… ARGHH…

I tried knitting with it, but I gave up quite quickly since there was no use.. I still had some 3.5mm dpn’s with blunt tips lying around but even they knit much better than the mangled needle with the supersharp tip…. Anyways, I tried to take a picture of me knitting, since I see all those nice knitblogs have nice ‘see-me-knitting’ pics… I need a tripod… otherwise it’s not going to work :P… anyways two tries šŸ˜›

I like the second picture better, it looks more natural šŸ™‚


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