Back to the dyeing board :)

schotlandwol 400gr

LOOK! It’s color where there was none! The pictures don’t do the colors justice tho.. It was a rather amazing process this time.. Where before it would take a very long time for me to set things up and to even get started, this time it was over and done before I could even start making a mess šŸ˜›

This is 400 grams Schotlandwol (uh english?) and an itty-bitty piece of tencel (to the far left) bought from the ever-lovely Bep from Wol-Uniek. Since the last dyeing process (Dandelion) came out a bit too explosive I decided to use a bit more mixed and complementary colors rathar than go for maximum contrast šŸ˜› What I also learned was that the food coloring I use looks very very dark but should not be dilluted with water. The color simply won’t be strong enough and it’ll look faded.

So I used two sachets of the safflower powder I had and boiled it with one cup of water to get a nice dye. I also used a whole bottle of blue and red, and I really think the colors look great šŸ™‚

The only thing I didn’t remember was that tencel, obviously because of the type of fiber it is, has a different way of taking dyes…. I remembered after I realized all the dye was coming out during the rinse šŸ˜› ahh well.. better now than when I’m trying to dye a huge pile of tencel right šŸ™‚

schotlandwol 400gr

I really love how the colors turned out. The little dots of green that came out of nowhere (blue and yellow were kept separate…. :P) Maybe I accidentally trickled some blue on the yellow, I do like it tho šŸ˜€

schotlandwol 400gr

Again the pictures don’t do the colors any justice, but it’s all I have right now so no complaining šŸ™‚ I’m not quite sure what this little baby wants to become yet, but I do know I’ll probably be spinning this a little thicker than the last time. I’m going for a heavier weight, I’m also going to try to spin (and knit) this before winter comes, and in these busy busy times that’s a real challenge.

I really didn’t want to buy any more fleece until I had spun up some more from the fleece my BF bought me, but it was getting a bit frustrating for me to work through the unwashed and uncarded fleece. I like to learn, and I still like to (hand) card some wool some times, but I also like to keep spinning as well. So hope to get less frustrated with the process now and start to appreciate it again.

Francie wip

In the mean time I finished and blocked one part of the Francie socks, and started working on the second one. I’m not posting the other one yet because I’m saving it for the FO post (plus action shot). I do have to say that this pattern does require some thinking, and knitting while reading will result in missed pattern notes…… šŸ˜› I’ve already frogged this little part 2 times and I’m trying to focus on the sock now, hence the slow progression of the sock, because I really have a lot of reading to do…

ppRotterdam view

The past few days it’s been gray and rainy but last week when we had some sun my BF and I went to our fave chill spot. It’s at the harbor where you can see the skyline of the city of Rotterdam (which in my opinion is really pretty).

Rotterdam view

We sat there, watched the ships roll in, and watched them roll away again… but most of all.. we wasted a lot of time šŸ˜‰

burda october

I’m waiting for a little more sunshine before I post the final FO post, but I just had to post a little action shot…. after all.. I’ve been wearing it ever since… (and loving it.. did I mention loving it???)

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