Avalon top wip

I guess once you start something you can’t just turn the switch off anymore. Today I learned I really like to crochet because it’s so different from knitting. I feel I need to explain myself.

What I love about knitting is that it’s a continuous process. One by one you knit (or purl) your stitches and you don’t even have to look at your hands in order to knit. Obviously there’s different types of knitting and when you’re working on true lace it’s not so bad to count and check on what you’re doing. But when you’re working on a simpel vest and you’re knitting stockinette all the way… well in that case you can knit whenever you want.

When I knit socks i knit them blind. I don’t have to look at my hands to know what I’m doing so it’s a great way to keep knitting while sitting in the car (as a passenger mind you) or while watching a movie.

What I dislike about knitting is cats playing with your yarn and consequently ripping out your needle.. this usually results in me crying (well not really.. just using some bad language) and picking up the freed stitches…


What I love about crochet is that it’s just one thing you’re holding. I firmly believe that first there was crochet, then there was knitting. And with that I believe crochet was done by hand at first, then someone thought something like “there has got to be some better way of doing this” and then they grabbed a stick. Next thing was the hook to make it all easier.. but ever since that last part of evolution the crochet hook has not been changed. I also find it incredibly cool that there area machines for knitting but not for crochet. Crochet is done by hand. always. Now I may be wrong but I still believe this to be true and you can’t tell me otherwise (so even if you’re right I don’t care *sticks out tongue*)

Crochet is easier on the hands and wrists. I should’ve realized this much sooner as I have often been plagued by minor pains in my wrists because of too tight knitting or difficult yarn (dandelion handspun bfl..)

What I dislike about crochet is it’s lack of direction. I love knitting because it has a way of lining up all the yarn in the same direction. For instance if you have silky yarn the direction of the stitches will define how the sheen will work out. Like this picture:

You can see how the silk bounces off the light going in a certain direction. Crochet doesn’t work like this and it automatically makes the yarn a bit rougher than knitting would. Don’t get me wrong I really love it either way, I just think crochet would be much nicer with softer yarns that work with the characteristics of crochet instead of working against it.

Long story short: I found cheap balls of 90% acrylic 10% mohair (from Zeeman) that works perfectly. I still suck at crochet and I’m still a broke student so I can’t afford more expensive yarn. And I need to knit/ crochet in between spinning, I cant’ just card all day long it’ll kill my wrists.

So tadaa:

Awesome no? I really like the way it’s turning out tho I should say that the yarn is really not forgiving at all. The slightest mistake and you’ll end up with a tangled mess and tug a little too hard and you’ll end up breaking the yarn.. ugh.. a bit frustrating but hey what can you do about it 😛

I finished the yoke and now I can start working on the body. For those of you interested: it’s the Avalon top by Doris Chan. I’d like to add that I really love most (if not all) of her designs. Because of the fabric issues I explained above I’m not a fan of crocheted jackets or tops but seriously she makes it look awesome either way. I guess now I’ll have to try to crochet a jacket/ cardigan and see how it goes 😛

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