August in pictures

I’m working on a new project. Summer ended a few weeks ago and I’ve been strangely excited about colder weather.

I finished my cousins baby blanket six months early (for a change)


I really like the way it turned out. I nearly ran out of yarn, but I managed to finish it by knitting faster (it really works, trust me).

I bought some more fiber. Seriously I have a shopping addiction when it comes to yarn and fiber..

I may need to send Bam to therapy. He thinks he’s a plant. A cute plant. But still a plant.

I tried to bond with Zuzu a bit by trying to see the world from her perspective. I must look terrifying to her. No wonder she doesn’t like me to pet her (long) haha!

I’m very sensitive to my bunnies needs, and in this case Bam’s masculinity. I feel like labeling him as ‘adorable’ is emasculating, but we can’t help it. We both think it. Sorry Bam.

See.. he’s not amused.

This is Zuzu’s good side I guess 🙂

Pictures like this one are actually meant for my own documentation. I really get to miss the living green and colorful plants in the winter so I take pictures of them so I can enjoy them when they’re gone.

I made new stitch markers!

I measured/ skeined some yarn 🙂

I bought two of these pretty batts for spinning 🙂

The blue yarn is what I used for the baby blanket. It’s dyed by Dutch Wool Diva (the batts as well) and it was pure joy to knit with 🙂

There’s that. Now the blog has been updated and I have no more reasons to procrastinate 🙂

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  1. Knitting faster to outrace the end of the yarn is totally a thing. 😀 What pattern are you knitting with the Lopi?

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