Anne Elliot Spencer wip

After some swatching and some searching on ravelry I came to one of the first patterns I found when I first started knitblogging. The incredibly cute Anne Elliot Spencer designed by CanarySanctuary. I really like the cuteness of the pattern and decided that the sartelia cotton yarn might be nice for a project like this 😀

Since I switched to continental knitting I’ve mainly been knitting in the round and today I noticed that my WS knits where I purl the guage is different. I purl more looseley than when I knit..

Anyhoo.. last week I upgraded to wordpress 2.8 and I’ve been experiencing some difficulties when it comes to posting.. for some reason my posts didn’t show any text or pictures.. just a title lol.. I upgraded to 2.8.1 yesterday and that problem seems to be solved, unfortunately my flickr manager plugin seems to be incompatible with this version and it stopped working since 2.8. Now I’m having ‘the time of my life’ inserting pictures…. it sucks.. plzplzplz fix the flickr manager.. I can’t LIVE without it… manual labor SUCKSss.. maybe I should donate… lol 😀

Anyway back to the knitting, the yarn is from ‘sartelia’ and is actually crochet yarn and not knitting yarn.. but hey.. yarn is yarn and I’m liking the swatch so who cares right? The only thing I’m not very sure of is the needle size. The swatches below are made with a US0/2mm needle and they still look a bit loose to me. I realize this could be caused by the fact that my purling isn’t as tight as my knitting, but there also might be a chance that the needles are too big..

I’m really hoping for the first one since I can’t be bothered to knit the entire thing with 1,5mm needles (since I don’t own US00/1,75mm) or buy a new set of needles…

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