a knitting “WTF” moment

I’m definately having one… oh yeah..

I started knitting when I was very little.. I actually can’t really remember when I started at first, but my mom used to knit a lot back then and since there was no internet and kiddy tv was only a few hours a day I started crocheting and knitting with my mom.
Anyway, I learned to knit the “Persian” way.. I actually have no idea if a “Persian” style knitting actually exists but it’s quite simple and very similar to continental style knitting. The ONLY difference is when you knit, you don’t put the right needle in from the front but from behind (that didn’t come out right did it? :P), like with English style knitting.
So I’ve been knitting a while and my “Persian” style knitting is very regular and I’m very happy with that, but ofcourse as a kid I had never really knitted something in the round.
That was ofcourse untill I rediscovered knitting a short while back and felt the urge to start knitting stuff I can actually wear.. and here’s the problem… my “Persian” style knititng sucks @$$ when it comes to knitting in the round… so there you have it.. my knitting WTF moment..
knitting detailknitting detail

*sigh* why is this happening?? When I was knitting Starburst I noticed my stitches being twisted in a weird way, but thought It’d go away with some blocking.. but it never did..(now I actually like it but still!!). Anyway while doing Lelah accidentally noticed the same problem and hit the net for some answers: no one seems to be having this problem because everyone knits continental style.. and who am I to anger the Gods..?
So I switched.. mid-knitting.. yes I know.. it’s in the lace part of the top so kill me.. It actually looks good 😛
lelah detaillelah detail

See the difference..? I don’t get it.. I just don’t get it.. I don’t have a problem with continental knitting at all, I actually find it quite comfortable but I just don’t understand why I can’t get it right with the flat knitting.. I did a swatch.. I was going nuts so I did one for practice and this is how it comes out…The top half is done with my “Persian” style and the bottom half is done Continental style.. It looks like #$%# braids!?! whyyyyy.. does blocking solve this?? argh..


anyways.. only good news is that Lelah’s taking the style change quite well.. it’s ofcourse made out of crappy, allmost free acrylics yarn I had to scavenge from my 2 euro tunic so I don’t have high expectations actually.. I don’t mind if it doesn’t fit or if it itches or even if I have to frog the whole damned thing again.. I’ve learned a LOT on this one.. and that’s for keeps 😀 So here you go Lelah.. this is your moment. enjoy!

lelah wip

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