FO: Balsam

FO: Balsam

I think that one of the things I’ll never get tired of are FO posts. Meet my latest finished object: Balsam. I think it helps that I’ve already knit this at least twice, because it was quite a quick transition from yarn to fabric.

FO: Balsam

The pattern is clear and well written, so there’s actually not a lot of room for error (unless you misread it like I did the first time lol). It’s worked top-down and is adjustable to different sizes. So if you’d like the cowl to be wider or longer it’s easy to do so.

FO: Balsam

Even though I had some doubts about the yarn choice at first, I’m happy now that it’s knit up. I usually try not to knit with cotton yarns because they make my wrists hurt (because they don’t stretch and I strain my hands). I usually notice when it’s already too late and it’s hurting, but for some reason it didn’t really bother me this time. 

FO: Balsam

The yarn really shows off the twisted stitches and the spiral. I love the ‘denim’ look, but next time I’ll choose the single color version (the plus has these color changes, while the normal cotton-merino is just one color). I like the way it turned out, so I’m not going to bother with another one haha. Also: for a cowl it’s not as bad, but if you knit something with bigger shape changes you might get pooling and I’m not really a fan.

FO: Balsam

Overall, this is a very nice pattern and the yarn works the way I hoped it would. I now love the edges a lot because this yarn and garter rib go so well together <3 I hadn’t knit with this yarn before, but I think I’ll use more of it for future projects. I hope it doesn’t shed or pill, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough 🙂

Leftover yarn

I used four balls of 50 grams and this is all that’s left. I think it means I could’ve knit maybe 2 or 3 more rows, but I honestly didn’t feel like playing yarn chicken.. I’ve pulled the short end of the stick way too often.. 

vanilla socks in drops fabel
There’s another little project I completely forgot about: I (finally) finished these socks, gave them away and then completely forgot to blog about them. Well.. here they are 🙂

And while we’re talking about socks: I’m working on a new pair. These are for DH, so I’m keeping my word about not giving any socks away (except the ones I’m working on for my brother).
My garden thinks it's spring
In other news spring has murdered winter.
My garden thinks it's spring
Even though I love seeing green things grow, the knitter in me is a bit miffed about skipping winter. I look at my instagram feed and the blogs I read and I admit I feel jealousy. I get it. Snow is a lot of fun on the first few days, and after a while it just sucks (at least over here it does). It’s magical and awesome and the world goes silent, then you see the first tracks and after a while it becomes a disgusting, gray slush that will freeze into a solid mass of ice on the roads. Then there will be more snow and grocery shopping becomes very interesting indeed.. But I still get very jealous when I see those magical, snowy pictures <3
My garden thinks it's spring
I’m already excited about planting things in this (currently dead) garden.
Malabrigo sock in Chocolate Amargo
In other knitting news: I bought another skein of Malabrigo than I intended. Cordovan was a bit too reddish for my taste, so I bought Chocolate Amargo instead. This is a darker brown and is much nicer as a contrasting color for my Oranje (which will not be oranje this time).
Yokes by Kate Davies
And while I online shopping at Stephen+Penelope I decided to buy myself an early <insert favorite excuse> present! I’ve coveted this book for a long time, and it’s finally miiiine <3


Yesterday I found another reason why blogging is good for me. I must say I had my doubts about actually publishing the previous post. It’s really hard to face your failures, but what I found particularly painful is how many items I’ve lost due to negligence. I realized that I’d never give myself a knitted present. How awful is that? At the moment there’s a lot going on around artist getting their due and not working for free, but in all honesty I don’t respect my own art/ craft. I’ve been treating it very poorly and I was quite ashamed. How can I expect other people to respect my time and my craft when I don’t.

One of the main reasons is that I knitted it myself. The thought behind this is “if I ruin it, at least I’ve ruined it myself and nobody will get their feelings hurt”, but in thinking like this I forgot the most important thing: I’m the lead character in my life, MY feelings got hurt a LOT.

What also helped a lot is reading that Marie Kondo book. She writes about respecting your stuff because they work hard for you and deserve to be treated well. That one really made me realize that I don’t treat my knitted garments with any respect at all. I usually throw them in a box (or a drawer) and only take them out when I need them. I don’t let them air, I don’t treat them respectfully, but I do expect them to last and work for me. I’m a sucky knitwear owner… (I guess in this sense it’s only good I’ve been giving away my socks lol).

So now that I’ve learned this incredibly valuable lesson I decided to restart en re-do! There’s a number of projects I loved very dearly (and ruined), so much even that I’m going to re-knit them and cherish them like the original ones deserved.

I already started with Balsam. In the previous post I had named it Spiral Cowl (I don’t know why).

I bought these yarns at the LYS (which doubles as a LYS but is actually a dry cleaners..) and I was initially planning to knit something for Ma’iq, but in the end I decided that the yarn wasn’t suitable for a drooling, puking baby because of the halo. I’d be cleanin little tufts of fuzz out of his cute little drooling face all the time. Instead I decided to use the 4 balls to knit Balsam. I’d knit balsam twice before, the first time was the one with the mistakes. The yarn I chose was an acrylic boucle sort of yarn, and at the time I knit Persian style (in which you knit the back loops instead of the front loops), so all my twisted stitches looked odd, and the beautiful effect of the spirals was much different. It also didn’t frog too well, I knit way too tight back then, and the overall progress was really slow. One of the biggest rookie mistakes was that I never frogged when I made a mistake. It was too much effort to get where I was anyway, so frogging felt like wasted time (I know better know, thank you :P).

The second time I knit this project I forgot to knit the ribbing with smaller needles which resulted in flabby and curling edges. It was horrible and I hated it so much I frogged it and I never even added it to my rav projects (I think).

The other project I’m going to re-do is Oranje!


While I was working on this post I was under the impression that I had written about Oranje in the previous post, but apparently I haven’t posted these pictures anywhere. After washing this project it bled. I mean, the yarn bled like a dying pig.. after the first time washing it the white yarn became pink and it’s gotten worse over time. This yarn STILL bleeds, and I’m not joking. Seriously Malabrigo, you can’t sell shit like this. But anyway, I should’ve washed the yarn in advance (and in future I’ll always wash the yarn (with vineagar) in advance to prevent such disasters..


This was one of the hardest projects I had ever knit and I was so incredibly proud when I had finished it! It looked so incredibly good!

FO: Oranje!

Here’s what it looked like when I had just finished it and below is what it looks like today. I tried a lot of things, but none of them worked. The last thing I’m going to try is very aggressive (I’m going to soak it in vanish oxi action gold..) but since I’m going to throw it out it might be an option.


In the mean time I’ve worn it once or twice (when I sub consciously want to punish myself for something), but it really needs to go. But before I can let it go I need to reknit it so my conscious is clear. This project deserved so much love. It was one of my first real big stranded knitting projects and I loved every bit of it.

I’m going to use these yarns for the main body:


I now have three skeins of skein yarn (I bought one in the same colorway later), I’m going to combine it with “butterscotch” a Dutch wool diva sock glitter yarn (pictured below) and a Malabrigo sock in Cordovan, which I’ve ordered and I’m going to pick up tomorrow. I’m really excited about this project and I’m going to make sure the Malabrigo yarn doesn’t bleed by washing it a few times before knitting.


Third in line is the tangled yoke cardigan! I loved this one so much I’m going to make a handspun version! I have a lot of fiber lying around and by the time Balsam and Oranje are finished I should be able to start knitting away on this project. I’m planning to spin a 3 ply yarn of which 1 ply has different colors. I’m not sure if it’ll be suitable for this project, but it can’t hurt to try 🙂

undyed top

I have a lot of neutrals, but I’m not really sure what kind of yarn I’m going for. I was thinking of spinning some yarn first and then dye it in a darker tone before knitting. On the other hand I really love the oatmeal look, but again, I’m not sure just yet. I think this cardigan is so elegant that it would be even more awesome if the yarn was a bit rustic and showed some character.

The next project will be my Tenney Park pullover. I really loved this project so much I’m going to make a handspun version. For the body I’m thinking of using this Ashford alpaca/ silk blend (I’ll have to buy one more I think.
Ashford spinning fiber

I could also spin a two or tree ply using these fibers as well. I think a combination between the two purples would look really great as spinning usually mutes the colors a bit. The whites in the fiber will probably be a lot less prominent once the yarn is spun up.

I’m not really sure about the one below here because this one looks like it won’t be a good match. 
Ashford spinning fiber    Ashford spinning fiber 

Dutch wool diva spinning fiber    Dutch wool diva spinning fiberDutch wool diva spinning fiber    WP_20160128_13_14_50_Rich

Dutch wool diva spinning fiber

It’s really hard to choose which of the colors to pick. I think I’ll spin the main yarn first to see how the yarn turns out, and then decide which of these I’ll spin for the entrelac

For now this is going to be it. These are the ones I miss the most and if I make the list too long I might get distracted. By the time I’m done with these I might consider reknitting some other projects from the past. We’ll see 🙂


Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that stare us in the face. Unfortunately, it can take some time before we see them. Sometimes we don’t even see them at all. As I’m reading through Marie Kondo’s book, I’m starting to realize that her method isn’t just about cleaning up your house. She simply writes that you should surround yourself with things that make you happy. I’ve done a lot of things that I thought would make me happy, but in the end, didn’t make me happy at all. Some of those things only made me think that they’d make me happy, and in the end, they made me very unhappy indeed.

There have been a number of knitting projects that haven’t delivered. I decided that part of cleaning up (in the end) should also contain the blog, flickr and my computerfiles. I’m saving these for last, but right now I’m thinking about all the things that made me happy and blogging is one of the big happy things in my life.

garnstudio's yarn

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how you felt at a certain time, this blog has helped me to reconnect with myself over many good and not so good events in my life. When looking at this picture for instance I used to feel a bit sad. It was the first batch of non-acrylics yarns I ordered, during a time in my life when I was very depressed and overall very sad. When I look at these pictures I can almost see the dark clouds that hung over my head  haha. In a way, this batch of yarn saved my life 🙂 I’ve become a very happy and postive person since I bought that batch of yarn. I guess that’s why I’ve been buying so much yarn… <3

Anyway, I was going to write about happiness in knitting and knitting projects.

I used to be a total project knitter, but after a while I transitioned to a process knitter. Now that I’m looking at my clothing (organizing etc.) I realize that I have hardly any knitwear.. What..? How did this happen? First of all.. I felted a lot of stuff. I’m stupid like that. I’ve cried over it, and I’ve come to the simple conclusion that I’m stupid.

Then there’s the projects I started (and even finished) using the wrong kind of yarn, projects that had mistakes in them which I lazily finished anyway. Guess what..? the mistakes started to bother me in the end and they were frogged. Some projects were simply knit with the wrong (kind of) yarn and were frogged.

Here’s a few of them:
Spiral Cowl:
spiral cowl by Ilga Leja

I’m not going to be hard on myself over this one. This one dates from March 2009 and is one of my earliest actual FOs. I used to knit Persian style back then, and as you can see I got twisted stitches when I knit in the round. I never knew about this until I started knitting in the round. How weird is this. Anyway, there’s obvious mistakes I was too lazy to fix. This one ended up in the frog pond (but will probably be reknit because it’s such an awesome pattern and nice accessory to have!)

Lelah top

This is one of those things I knit and frogged. I knit this using the wrong kind of yarn. At the time I didn’t have a lot of experience with different kinds of yarns..

This reminds me of this post…

FO: Shipwreck

This is one of the few that isn’t frogged, only because it can’t be frogged. Apparently Malabrigo lace felts and shrinks after a while! This shawl is somewhat felted and it has shrunk a LOT… I really love this shawl but 1: the yarn wasn’t good for this project, and 2: the color was a poor choice. This is one of the few pictures that actually shows any of the lace pattern. Other than that it’s color vomit 🙁

arisaig back wip
This one belongs on the list of things I reallly regret frogging. I don’t even know why I frogged it. I knit this with 2.0mm or 2,25 and it was gorgeous. I guess I wasn’t happy with something, but I’m still not sure what. Blergh. 

I think I already mentioned felting Vaila.. still salty about it.. blergh

Hemlock blanket
Hemlock ring blanket wtfThis is also frogged because I chose the wrong yarn. From a distance it was just color vomit again. 

Deep V argyle
Deep V argyle vest wip

Looking back all I can think is: what were you thinking? an argyle vest knit with acrylics yarn. I was supposed to steek this thing. I also managed not to read the instructions right and not to make a good gauge swatch. It turned out a LOOT bigger than it was supposed to. Ahh.. rookie mistakes.

corona wip

Another acrylics fail. I love the Corona pullover, but not in acrylics. Frogged 

FO hewFirst handspun project ever was frogged because I don’t know what I did wrong but this one turned out to be a little too off the shoulder for me. It had trouble staying on (I think it’s because of the lace edging), so it went to the frogpond.

Tangled Yoke cardigan
tangled yoke cardigan wipThis one accidentally ended up in the dryer..

Tenney park
Tenney Park FO

The problem with this project is twofold. The first problem is that the grey yarn is cheap acrylics from Zeeman. The second problem is that it ended up in the washer because I thought “hey I used cheap acrylics anyway” and then forgot that the entrelac wasn’t acrylics. Sad face.

Altocumulusfelted in the washer.. again.. How stupid can you be right? Careless, just careless apparently :'(

So why am I doing this? This long and sad list of felted and frogged projects. First of all: I don’t mind losing most of these projects. I learned a lot of different techniques and I learned one very important lesson: always choose good quality yarns for your projects. The simple reason is that I was careless with them because none of these projects actually made me happy. Surround yourself with things that make you genuinly happy. None of these actually did, otherwise I would’ve paidmore attention to how I treated them.

I guess that’s the most important lesson. At the time I used cheap acrylics yarns because I was a poor student, and because I felt I wasn’t worth it. I felt like I was only learning and should do so using cheap materials so I wouldn’t “waste” high quality products/ a lot of money. In the end I wasted a lot more than money, I wasted time (though I did learn from them). 

From now on I’m going to treat my knitting projects with a lot more care and love. I’m going to choose projects that make me really happy and excited, and I’m going to stop trowing them in the washing machine.. (lol). I’m also going to make a true effort to have a lot more garments I (or my family) can wear during the coming fall and winter <3

happy knitting 🙂


One of the things I really enjoy about blogging is the statistical data. It’s one of those awesome things only become awesome when you’ve been blogging for a while.
I’m usually not all that occupied with the number of vies my blog gets, but it’s always very interesting to see where my viewers come from and what they were looking for when they stumbled upon my little blog. I’ve already mentioned the number of people who found my blog because I mentioned something about space invaders once or twice (linky). But there’s something I’ve been trying to ignore for a very long time now, and I’m afraid I’m just going to have to give it some attention on the blog here.

Last post I wrote something about the Ninja mask of awesomeness. I knit this mask in December 2010, snapped some pictures, blogged and Ravved about it and then moved on to other projects. In the mean time these pictures have become rather popular on Flickr and are my most viewed photos. Ever.

Here’s my top 3 of all the images I have on flickr.

#1: 2,375 views and 14 faves
ninja m a s k of awesomeness wip

#2: 2,227 views and 14 faves
ninja m a s k of awesomeness wip

#3: 1,990 views and 18 faves
FO: ninja bike m a s k

and here’s #4: 634 views and 0 faves
FO: Dryad

My top 20 viewed pictures on Flickr:
Nina Mask of Awesomeness: 10x
Handspun Dryad: 9x
FO Vaila 1x

Just out of curiosity I decided to see what kind of people had viewed (and favorited) my pictures, and noticed that they all have one thing in common: a lot of masked (mainly) women in their favorited images. Preferably scarcely dressed. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of removing these images (lol). I took these photos to show a work in progress, and then I put them on the internet. I just find it really funny that these are my most viewed of all the pictures I’ve posted online.

Every year I read through the list of search terms that guide people to my blog and here’s some of the best from 2015:
Many people have been searching information about the bliss spinning wheel and how to make faux lags.
One of the search terms was “” which I found really awesome 😀
Another one was “laryngitis sucks” which is also a title of one of my blog posts.. it does suck btw.
One of the search terms was “lilirious knittss” which means at least 1 person out there was looking for me <3 Thank you!

So I guess it shouldn’t be a shocker to see that my Bliss review post was the most viewed post of 2015 (not counting the home page). The second and third most viewed posts are about the Persian rugs and the fiber prep. So maybe I should make more tutorial style posts?

While typing this post I decided to search for “organize” and found 30 posts where I mention something about organizing either my life, my stash or something else that’s in desperate need of some organization. All my life I’ve been fighting the battle against clutter and total chaos. I hate having to hide behind the standard “creative people are messy” quotes, because they are simply not true. Creative people are messy because they spend time on a lot of things expect the organization of their stuff. Want to know why? because every thing takes a LOT more time when you have to keep searching for the things you’re looking for. Want to make a drawing? Need a pen? “Where did I put that particular pen…” “Now where could I have put this particular part of my airbrush” “Hey I’m looking for this and this part of my knitting”

or this one: “Honey, have you seen my keys..?”

I’m a creative person, but I’m totally done living in a world where I have to keep looking for stuff. I want my house to be organized. I want my flickr page to be organized. I want my blog to be organized. I wanted to write a post about socks and I spent a good 10 minutes scanning through my flickr photos of 2015 because I keep forgetting to tag my pictures (this is an example of how simple things take a lot of time if you use the “I’m a creative person, hence I live in chaos” excuse like I do).


I bought a book by Marie Kondo named: The life changing magic of tying up. I’ve read most of it and it’s already changed the way I think about a lot of things. According to Marie Kondo it takes around 6 months to clean and de-clutter all of my stuff, so I’m going to post regular updates. According to this book the key to a clean house is surrounding yourself by things that make you happy. I’m going to try and use here method to finally declutter my house. I’m going to use her book as a guide and I’m going to follow through. How am I going to teach a kid to keep their room tidy when I can’t even keep the house tidy. I have these big clean spurts and then the clutter gradually comes back. It’s such an incredible waste of time.

I’m going to start on monday. Why monday? Because I have other plans tomorrow. Otherwise, I would’ve started tomorrow. As luck would have it, the day after tomorrow is a monday.

wish me luck.

oh brother

I know I said I was going to write about the fallen comrades, but I need to write about this guy first. Let me show you a picture 🙂

me and shiwi

So this is me and my little brother on vacation in France some 17-18 years ago. It’s funny how you can look at older pictures of yourself and still only see the chubby face and the things you didn’t really like as a 12-14 year old, but enough about me. This post is about my little brother Shiwi (whose name is actually Sherwin, but we all just call him Shiwi).

shiwi planking

So here’s the thing: my brother and I have an age gap of 10 years. While my girlfriends played with barbies and baby dolls I used to play with a real baby and have a lot of fun. But we both grew up and I guess you slowly start to forget how much fun you had as a kid. Now that I have a baby of my own all of the fun memories are starting to come back and I wanted to post about the awesomeness that is my brother (because apparently I’ve never blogged about my brother..)

shiwi playing

Now I know I may be biased, but my baby brother was one adorable little kid 🙂 When he was little we used to watch Pokemon together and when we played video games he’d be Luigi and I’d be Mario. Nowadays (well.. for a ver long while now) he kicks my ass in every videogame ever made.. (but I still like him nonetheless).

me and shiwi

Shiwi has always had this amazing comedic timing. He always knows when to say something ridiculously funny to make everybody laugh. He doesn’t talk much (usually), but when he does you’ll want to hear what he has to say.

happy birthday shiwi (3 yrs ago)

Here’s a picture of us and Shiwi’s birthday cake (I made) for his 18th birthday. I also had a picture of him voting for the first time, but I decided not to post it here. I


He was cute as a baby and toddler, but he’s pretty handsome as a grown dude.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think my little brother is a pretty cool guy and I like him even better now that he’s grown up 🙂 But I haven’t even mentioned the best thing about him yet: he really appreciates knitting <3

ninja m a s k of awesomeness FO

A (long) while ago I knit him the Ninjamask of Awesomeness, and he *still* wears it when it’s cold out! He’s also very careful (and he hasn’t lost it which really means a lot). He also wore this thing I airbrushed for him (remember the previous post?)


So a while ago I got my mom addicted to sock knitting and she’s been knitting socks for Shiwi for a while now (he has cold feet and really appreciates knitting like I said), so out of the blue I decided that I wanted to knit socks for him too. He’s been so nice about it and he even wanted to learn (but he’s very busy doing schoolwork so I tried not to push him too hard haha).

Anyway, I’m just going to post this picture because I don’t want to spoil the surprise (he may or may not read this blog post…)

OOooo soo exciitiiinnggg <3


I’ve been meaning to post another post, but since it’s the 19th today, I’ll post this one first instead. Today my blog is 7 years old! Yay! What a happy occasion! I feel a throwback tuesday coming up.. (I don’t know why I can’t ever get these posted on actual thursdays.. whatever..)

Seven years ago I went on a trip and caught the knitting bug by an aunt who knit one scarf after the other. She used the yarn with the bobbles and I was so inspired I decided to give it another shot. I used to knit and crochet a lot when I was a little girl, but I never knew what to do with it. I didn’t have any magazines or (obviously) internet back then, so I just made a few granny squares and that was the end of it.

Family visits were nice, but usually also very boring. I come from a huge family and some of them I don’t know very well, so you visit and do all the things a polite guest does (I did a lot of visiting between 14 and 21), but you’re young and the older people are talking so you just sit there and entertain yourself until it’s time to go. (Persian families.. nice. how well behaved I was..). Anyhoo.. I started knitting because I the difference between staring at your mobile phone and staring at your knitting is that the first one is rude and the second one is a conversation starter. So I bought some needles and some yarn and I went at it.

Back in Holland I found some online stores (because back then I was waaay too shy to visit an actual yarn shop..), and I started expanding my knitting. I relearned to knit continental style and I never stopped wanting to learn more and more.

My pink girly moods

Back then I did a lot of drawing and art related stuff. Here’s an attempt at art journaling.


I also did freehand airbrushing. When I think about it I still really like drawing and airbrushing, so who knows, I might get back to it 😀


But just knitting wasn’t enough so I started sewing as well. The first thing I’ve ever sewn is a reversible winter jacket. Because I can’t just learn something easy… I still don’t understand why I’m like this. Unfortunately for my I don’t have any pictures 🙁


I knit, but I also felted a lot.. Like this one.. Still very bummed about it..

FO: Rosalie

Also felted.. never even wore it once..

FO: my kind of town cowl
This one I’m particularly salty about… It’s hand dyed and handspun yarn…

Commelina wip

Some were given away, like this one.

Girasole FO

and this one..

FO: Print o' the wave stole

and this one..

spinning first yarn :D

Then I started spinning and life got so much better! Behold my first alpaca yarn!

roving dye
My second handspun was also handdyed!

FO hew

my second handspun yarn <3

Dandelion n-ply
my third handspun yarn was also hand dyed and became these socks:
FO: skew

Weaving on my new loom

I gave weaving a shot, but in the end it’s not really for me I guess. It’s very meditative and nice, but I’m too impatient and the loom (I used) was too big for my house.

It’s real fun to look back every now and then. There’s been so much progress that I had almost forgotten about those firs steps. Looking through these pictures made me realize I actually lost a lot of those knitted projects along the way. They either got felted, or weren’t knit with the right yarns. I’m dedicating one of the next posts to the fallen comrades.

Kicking off 2016

Hello from the other side <3

Here’s the first post of 2016 and I think I can say I’m proud of myself already. The new years resolutions that aren’t supposed to be new years resolutions are working out already 🙂 Hopefully I can stick to it and keep it up this year, but let’s see what happened so far.

  1. About losing weight I have the following the say. I started (again) tracking my calories with the myfitnesspal app and I’m loving it. I used to do this a few years ago, but the app was really new back then, and the Dutch site wasn’t filled with all the food stuffs as it is now. So tracking my food was very labor intensive and most of the information was incomplete. Back then I was on the Keto diet (which I still love, but don’t do because of baby), so I had to keep track of my macros.
    If you aren’t familiar with the app: it as a barcode scanner and most of the items I’ve scanned were already logged by somebody else already. So all you have to do is scan the barcode (if it’s the first time you’re logging something) and then select how much you ate. Easy peasy. So I’ve added the amount of calories used for breastfeeding as exercise because I’m definitely not on a diet. I researched how many calories a 6month old drinks in milk and rounded it off. I started this week and I already know that I should be drinken a LOT more water than I am. I’m so busy doing all sorts of things I completely forget to drink. So it’s been beneficial already. yay!
  2. Soo the me-time is working out differently than I had initially imagined. I thought I’d be able to put baby down for a nap and spend some time blogging. Right now I have a sleeping baby in de wrap while I’m working on this post. It’s a phase. First of all, baby is eating solids and not all of it is going down easily. It’s not the eating, it’s the processing of the food that causes discomfort. He eats like a champ 😛 Anyway, I kept putting him down in his bed, but he’d wake up within 10 minutes (which is not really normal), he’d also wake up if I held him in a horizontal position in my arms. So now that I know what the issue is, I wrap him up for his naps, and he sleeps within minutes 🙂 It’s a win-win because I can do my things and he can do his napping. By putting him down in his bed he missed sleep and he’d get very cranky (and he wasn’t the only one). Anyway, it’s obviously not a permanent solution, but we’ve walked this path before.. he’ll get over what’s bothering him and keeping him up, and he’ll want to sleep in his own bed again. (I’m sorry I guess there’s going to be some babytalk here as well..)
  3. Blog and comment more: yay I’ve already been more vocal than 2015! I love reading blogs and being active on the forums. Also: today my new phone (finally) arrived and there’s so much more I can do with my own phone rather than a borrowed one. This is my first post of 2016 and I want to make it count.
  4. Well, I guess the above one was only meant for blogging.. I guess this should’ve been just 1 thing combined.
  5. Been working on this one as well! I usually do the FWCC(Front Wrap Cross Carry), which is very nice but not very ‘poppable’. Basically, you need to tie and re-tie every time. You can’t just take baby out and place baby back (poppable). So it’s a bit time consuming. Sometimes right after perfecting a knot baby will want some boob, or some diaper.. and then you need to untie again. So I’m working on learning the FCC (Front Cross Carry). The difference is that the FCC is very poppable and super easy to adjust. You can also use this one for breastfeeding because it’s so easy to adjust. I’ve already tried it a few times and I’m loving it. Normally the FCC is knotted in the front, but you can also do a knotless version if you have a shorter wrap (or a bigger baby)
  6. I haven’t worked on anything yet, but today I reclaimed my working space and cleaned up the clutter that had accumulated on my desk. When I don’t work, people tend to leave stuff on my working space (me too, so it’s ok), but now that I’m working again I’m able to keep this area clutter free! This is the most important step anyway, because I’m a huge procrastinator and I’ll procrastinate even if I can’t find a good reason. Clearing away the clutter before I start working is definitely one way to help procrastination..

So anyway, I’d thought of another thing I wanted to work on, but I forgot (yay, nice going). I guess I’ll stop the rant part and move onto the actually knitting stuff.
PS: I remembered: I want to organize my rav stuff and my blog! I haven’t taken pictures of my stash, and I’m not good with keeping up my spinning projects. Right now I don’t know how much I’ve knit, finished and/ or spun. Sucky. So that’s something that needs to happen! (also: I still need to organize my Flickr stuff, but that’s much easier since the update and the flickr uploadr was released. I’ll talk about this one later).

gramps cardigan part 2

Here’s my gramps cardigan. You may have seen the other one I knit on instagram (pictured below). While looking for it I realized I haven’t even blogged it, and what’s even worse: I never even finished it (it didn’t have any buttons ARGH). What kind of knitting mom am I anyway.. BOOHOO!

So to redeem myself I started another one (somewhere in November, see.. still a sucky knitting mom T.T), but I’ll finish it before the end of January (2016!).

So after the move I went for a little stroll through the shopping area and lo and behold the drycleaners doubles as a yarn store… Gotta love those yarnies… Anyway, so I couldn’t leave empty handed (of course) and I bought 4 balls of this stuff.. it’s Katia Cotton-merino “plus” and it’s dreamyyy. It’s so soft and squishy I want to hug it. So far I’m not sure what to knit with it, but I’m sure it’ll tell me what it wants to become. I’m hoping something for DS 🙂

katia, cotton-merino "plus"

While working on other things and feeling bad about not having knit so much for DS, I realized I haven’t knit anything yet for DH. Well there was this one time I designed Deerception for him (and I think he looks so hunky in those pictures). But other than that… he has some fingerless gloves and a few pairs of socks (I steal every time).

I’m writing it as if I had planned this all along, but I hadn’t. I’m just hoping DH will skip over this part while reading.. I didn’t have any plans at all when I bought these delicious yarns from Dutchwooldiva. I saw them, I fell in love and I ordered them. I don’t even know how it happened, it was lightning fast. So here I am, owning 3 gorgeous hanks of romeo and no way to explain myself.. I mean.. 3.. I can hide one, but 3.

wip romeo
The plans I had grew and they became much bigger, so I decided to ask the Diva for 3 more of these, and being the awesome dyer she is: she delivered:


I’m currently working on my second ball, but I planned to make something for DS as well so they’ll match when they wear it. I’m planning on knitting this sweater in the remaining Romeo for DS. It’s so manly but yet so incredibly cute! I’m still not sure if I’m going for two colored brioche or not. I think it could be very pretty if I find a matching color to go with it. It might be a little too serious.. but then.. it’s romeo.. what could possibly go wrong <3

spinning again <3

In other news: I’m spinning again! This is also what reminded me to keep better track of my spinning projects. I’m not really sure when I started spinning, but at least I made a project for it on Rav so I can keep track now.

love this view

They say knitting is like meditation, but spinning is the same, without the counting and thinking. I love how quiet my mind goes when I’m spinning.

hello there Ma'iq

When you have your first baby, people tell you to enjoy every bit of it, because they grow up so fast. You don’t believe it because the 3 am feedings can make your days feel like weeks.. But looking back I understand what they mean. There’s so many things happening at once.. it’s very easy to lose track of all the things that are happening 🙂

maybe I can finally finish these....

Which brings me to this last picture.. I’ve never -ever- spent so much time (not) knitting on 1″ of fudging ribbing.. I mean.. what happened here…