FO: Dryad

I promised myself I would finish the wip’s I had lying around. For some reason the projects kept piling up and nothing was getting finished. To make matters even worse, I had a severe case of startitis and ended up promising/ casting on for more. Now that I’m back to organizing (and blogging again) I’m happy to say that my efforts are paying off, and that there’s actual progress to be shown!

Dryad is a pattern by BT’s Jared Flood. I think he’s an amazing designer and I’ve knit a few of is patterns already. Iย really like the way he makes knitting and cables look. I’m only a simple blogger but I tried to do it justice by taking (hopefully) nice pictures. I’d normally just take simple pictures to show the project, but this one just asked for a little more effort ๐Ÿ™‚

This project started out as a bag of 500 grams of Manx Loaghtan roving I bought at Wol met Verve. I was going to spin it with my golding spindle and see how much yarn I could pack on there. Let me take you back to 2013 for a minute ๐Ÿ˜‰

I started spinning in 2009, but I still consider myself a new spinner. I think you’re never too old to learn, and sticking to vanilla merino just isn’t my style. I want to expand my knowledge and try out new things, so when I found out I could buy Manx Loaghtan in roving I knew I had to try some. So I decided to buy 500 grams, because my life’s philosophy is ‘go big or go home’. Also: what’s the worst that could happen? The fiber was really cheap (compared to the fine merinos and such) and it’s not like it’s going to get spoiled or anything. If I didn’t like it, I’d just give it to another spinner who might appreciate it more that I would.

So with nothing to lose I tried to spin it. I fell in love after the first try. This stuff almost spins itself. You really don’t have to do anything. It’s almost as if it was made to be spun on my golding. I’d just hold it in my hand and let the weight of the spindle take care of the rest.

Look at it go ๐Ÿ™‚ I really love this spindle ๐Ÿ˜€

During the 2013 Tour de Fleece, I spun 100 grams and ended up with 891m of singles.

I made faux lags for this fiber because it made the spinning that much easier and faster. So I’d prep 100 grams and put it in a freezer bag and slowly spin it up faux lag by faux lag. It was great. During the Tour I’m the most productive, but after the tour I’m not nearly as productive when it comes to spinning. I think it’s because I don’t take enough time or haven’t planned a special spinning day. I’m thinking about introducing a special day only for spinning in my life. Herein I see the great advantage to supported spindles. I don’t spin during the day, but I like to have a special time for spinning so I can dream away and focus mainly on what I’m doing. So drop spindles are difficult because I don’t travel enough (I can always take my wheel with me). My wheel is nice but after a long day of work I sometimes lie down rather than sit down. I sit on a chair most of my day so I’d rather put my feet up after a day of working. Here’s where supported spindles reap the benefits. I can put my feet up and put my arm on the armrest and just happily spin away while lying down.

I’m drifting off, back to the story:

Next June (2014) it was all plied up, using my old wheel because it has huge, bulky spools. I know I measured the yarn, but I can’t find the exact data right now (how surprising..).

In the end I’m really pleased with the way it turned out! ย I think the cable pattern and the yarn are a great match. Manx Loaghtan has a micron count of 28 – 37 and has a staple lenght of 3″-5″ (8-13cm), so it’s not really soft, but I think it’s okay for a scarf. I don’t mind the scratchiness, I think it’s actually very nice.

I’ve spun a few yarns now, and I’ve knit some things with my own handspun, but I have to say that this was by far the most pleasant experience. The yarn was so extremely bouncy, it almost felt store-bought. I don’t say this to toot my own horn, I see it as a great thing about the fiber. I believe that all the spinning in the world can’t make a crap fiber look and feel good. I do believe that crappy spinning can make amazing fiber feel like crap. So I think the fiber is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

I had to add the buttons because I ran out of yarn before the scarf was long enough to function as a scarf. But now I can close up the buttons and use it as an oversized (double held) cowl, or I can wear it as a sort of bolero, crossed over my torso. I found these cute buttons in my moms button collection, so thank you mom!

And so I finished my second FO of 2015. I hope to have my life organized again so I can keep track of my FO’s. Or at least produce more of them ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy knitting!

sock stash #2 and (the never ending) organization of yadda yadda..

I knew I had posted something about socks and how much I like them (many times actually), but there was this post where I had listed a few of my failed attempts at socks. I couldn’t find it (what else is new..) and I spent too much time finding it (actually it only took me about 5 or 6 minutes; which is still too long when you consider the keyword ‘sock’ did not turn up this post). For the people who are interested: it’s this post. Don’t worry, I’ll wait ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wanted to do a recap of the process of learning to knit socks. Looking back, I realize that most of the issues I had with socks is that I didn’t understand how elastic a sock should be, fearing that my socks would become too loose (like nylon socks can get after too many washes). I didn’t realize that woolen, hand knitted socks really behave differently (you also wash them differently, so that may have something to do with it as well). it has come to my understanding that elastane tends to lose it’s stretchy properties when you wash it with fabric softener, which is why you should never use it when you wash your undies and/ or bikini’s. This, I believe, also holds true for socks, as there is elastane in them too. (I could be wrong tho, I haven’t done any scientific research ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) But I digress..

I learned that it was much easier for me to just knit socks top-down, starting with the cuff and ending with a grafted toe. The most important thing I had to learn was the importance of yarn. I obviously understand that it’s not always possible to buy the ‘best’ yarn for a project, because, in all honesty there is no ‘best yarn’ anyway. If you have a lot of socks, it’ll take longer for a sock to wear out. Simply because they won’t be used as intensely as when you only own 2 pairs of socks.

The socks I wore until they were threadbare were my first Jaywalkers. I absolutely love this pattern and I’ve knit a pair for my opa, using my own handspun yarns. ย It’s not that I’m too good to darn my socks, it’s just that I noticed when I had a huge cold patch under my foot one day. I hadn’t noticed it at all until there was a hole the size of a tennis ball under my foot (either I have no feeling in my foot, or I’m stupid). I choose to believe that I was so incredibly in love with these socks that I subconsciously chose to ignore it until it was too late, not a great move in hindsight.

I know they don’t really match (the colors) but I didn’t care! These socks were so incredibly comfy, and they never sagged! So why did this happen? Well you might have guessed that I used to wear these socks nearly every day. I washed them and dried them of course, but once they were dry I’d put them on my feet and go. I don’t think these socks have ever really seen the inside of my sock drawer.

Yeah, don’t do that to your socks. Socks need little vacations too! My poor Jaywalkers were overworked. Another reason (also very important) is that, because I’ve been a poor student for a long time, I didn’t have the means to buy ‘good’ sock yarn. Not to be judgmental about yarn, but a sock yarn should be tightly spun, and this yarn was not (even though it was advertised as sock yarn). I know it sounds like I am, but I’m not complaining. This sock yarn cost me 1 euro per 50 grams. Considering how much I paid for this yarn, it was very good.

Another yarn that won’t make a good sock yarn is drops alpaca. It’s not advertised as sock yarn anywhere, so I’m just sharing this information for no good reason. It’s ok if you’re going for bed socks, but if you’re planning to actually wear these socks while walking around, it might not be a great success.

Your second handspun yarn ever will not make good sock yarn either. As you can see it will be too ‘imperfect’. It will start out thin at the toes and end up bulky at the cuff. You’ll kill your fingers and wrists trying to move the 2.25mm pens you needed at the beginning. It’s not going to be pretty. Just don’t do it. Use that yarn for a project that won’t be abused as badly as socks.

Don’t use a yarn that tends to shrink/ felt. I needed something heavier than the yarn I had so I used some cheap (but nice!) sockyarn and held it together with some leftover malabrigo lace in oceanos. It was gorgeous (maybe I’m biased but I still love this picture!). My Kalajoki socks were my favorite! Unfortunately, they were not to last. Within a year (of not even hardcore abuse, wearing) they shrunk. The malabrigo is not made for sweaty sock syndrome, so it shrunk and felted. Bye bye Kalajoki. I still need to knit another pair of these socks.


Here’s my Leyburn socks, made of the same cheap 1 euro yarn I used on my Jaywalkers. So what’s the difference? Why mention the same yarn twice? This sock was knit for the BF, while the other sock was knit for me. My sock was worn nearly every day for more than a year, and this sock has only been worn by him for 2 week every winter. There’s some fluff and it’s gotten a bit fuzzy in the back, but so far it’s holding up very well. The sock is intact, shows no sign of any wear and tear (on the bottom, toes or the heel), and is still in use (by me, I’m ashamed to admit lol).

So I guess I’d have to say that the yarn was not the problem. I was the problem ๐Ÿ˜€

Blackrose, another pattern i’d like to reknit because I ‘lost’ the sock to my poor choice of yarn. Drops delight is NOT a sock yarn. I know most of you sock knitters already knew that the moment you touched it or even laid eyes on the yarn. I was not experienced enough to realize this, so I’m sharing this with you, the internet, in case you are as inexperienced as I was. Drops delight, or any kind of pretty SINGLE (unplied) is NOT a good yarn to choose for your socks. Again, it’s ok if you just want to use them as bed socks, but this yarn was not made for abuse.Don’t get me wrong, I’m very careful with my socks, but they will get abused. They’re worn in shoes, stepped on, rubbed and often have to deal with sweaty feet. Imagine treating your beautiful lace shawl that way and imagine the horror. Drops delight is pretty, squishy and nice for everything BUT socks ๐Ÿ˜›

I’m working on organizing all of my Flickr photo’s, my Ravelry projects/ stash/ handspun and my blog. Apparently Flickr either heard me or read my blog because they added some new features that make editing pictures a whole lot easier. When I started out blogging, 6 years ago, I was very good with tagging and using keywords, at some point during the process I just stopped and everything went to ….

I now need to organize about 10.000 photo’s on my computer (because some of them are on flickr and some of them are on rav, but I don’t have everything tagged and I can never find anything). I need to organize my blog, because if you scroll down until you reach 2012 you’ll see that all of the pictures are missing. I used a flickr plugin, because I thought it’d be easier than the wordpress version (silly me), but later on I learned that the plugin was adding extra code into my blogs that added x rated tags. So I deleted the plugin, but now I have to re-add and edit all the older pictures in all the old posts.

This is why I started writing about how long it took me to find something. Last week I was visiting my mom and I had brought my little granny squares so I could finish my kirby blanket (picture is in the previous post). I had laid out all the squares and took a picture a while ago, and then all of the squares had become disorganized and I had ‘lost’ the picture of my blanket. I spent 2 days (no joke) looking for this picture, because I *knew* I had it somewhere but it wasn’t on flickr and I couldn’t find it in my pictures.

I finally found it because I remembered it had been saved on my old macbook and I had made a backup of all the pictures. After 2 days. I realized that this was only going to get worse. A few years from now this laptop will become obsolete as well and I’ll have another backup and then another and another and in a few decades my life will be a jumbled mess of hundreds, maybe thousands of memories that I can’t find. And make no mistake. I’m a blogger, and as such I take a LOT of pictures. You don’t get to see most of them, because most of these pictures either don’t turn out the way I like them, or whatever, but I keep all of those pictures because I might need them some day. Maybe not to blog, but for myself. To see how a project or pattern is progressing, notes for myself if I ever want to reknit this project again. There’s also a lot of personal pictures, a LOT of cat and bunny pictures I’m not going to torture you with. So I need to get this stuff organized because I’m not spending another 2 days looking for some obscureย CURRENT WIP project picture.


I hope your life is much better organized than mine!

Happy knitting my friends ๐Ÿ™‚

VAT, Fairs and FO’s (also: wips and stash stuff)

So here’s a rather late notification from me. You’ve probably been bombarded with the whole #VATmess thing on twitter, Ravelry and on many other boards and forums etc etc. I just wanted to say that even though I understand that it’s necessary for the government and the tax departments to get their due, it’s rather unfair to pick on teeny tiny microbusinesses. That being said. I’m already paying my VAT, and I just want to say that my prices will NOT go up. I’m already paying VAT over them (which is why I charge 5 euros in the first place. I pay 1 euro VAT per pattern I sell, no matter who buys it, so there you have it).

So let me say this again: I don’t make a distinction between the location of my buyers. I pay my taxes and try not to go bankrupt in the process. But in the end, you, my dear customer, will not feel any difference. I realize I’m a bit late, but I only have 2 for sale patterns, and I’m not famous, so I don’t think anybody has freaked out over my patterns haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you for reading this important notice. Now we move on to the interesting stuff: TEHย knitting!

I went to the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle (which roughy translated means Handicraft Fair) this year. It was my first time and it was absolutely awesome! I always go with my mom because she’s the one who exposed meย toย handicrafts from a very young age, and as such is now obliged to come with me whenever I go to these things and pretend she likes it. I think she actually enjoys it. I’m pretty sure she does haha ๐Ÿ˜€

My mom and I are very much the same when it comes to buying stuff. We don’t always agree on color choices, but I’ve noticed that I’m beginning to like colors a lot more. I guess I’m really over my ‘all black’ years (finally!).

I look tired because I’m still sick (have been for 18 days now.. nice), but it was great! This picture was taken during our second break. Let me explain what we do during such fairs. We first came in and drank a cup of coffee, because I’m still a bit sick and I wasn’t feeling that great in the beginning. Then we walked around and checked out the awesome goods. This is what the fair looked like:

Isn’t is cute and cozy? We had such a great time that day! The next event is the Breidagen during the 20th and 21st of March. I hope I can go but I might not make it because it’s the Persian new year (we celebrate the beginning of the spring).

So let me share some of the awesomeness I took with me ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like such a lucky person! I actually found this little thing! I’ve been looking for it everywhere! I’ve been wanting a little knitting mill for ages because I think it’s an amazing add on to a lot of stuff. You can make awesome decorations with it, but it takes too long to do it all by hand. I found an awesome tutorialย on youtube. It’s in Italian so I don’t understand what she’s actually saying, but it’s very easy toย understand anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

I absolutely love these yarns! I’m so bummed that I forgot to take a picture, it was sooo pretty to see all these yarns hanging on the wall in so many different colors. I’m having a boy so I’m going for the cooler colors. I’m not necessarily going for blue or anything, but I just really liked these colors. There’s a lot of purple and teal in there as well. I have two balls of the variegated yarn and one of the solid. I was thinking granny square baby blanket ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved this one when I saw it on Rav, but I new I had to have it when I saw it in real life. I love these colors! And the picture! It’s amazing!

These were calling out to me. Go ahead and tell me that you’d be strong enough to leave these beauties behind, and I’ll tell you that I don’t believe you ๐Ÿ˜› I’m so in love with these, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. So far I’ve only sniffed them a bit, but maybe they’ll whisper to me when we’re alone at night.

To be honest, I don’t really know why exactly I bought this. It was extremely soft and I love baby alpaca. But it’s un-dyed, so I’d have to dye it. Maybe I’ll dye this in a solid yellow and combine it with the misti alpaca variegated yarns I bought at Trollenwol a while ago. I don’t know yet, but it feels so good!

Another one in the long list of “I have no idea what I’m going to do with these, but I had to have them nonetheless”. I love these. The colors are so pretty!

And these….. They’re sooo dramatic! There’s something I’ve noticed that I think is really interesting. My hair is very dark, it’s a very dark shade of dark brown, but it’s not black. In the sunlight you can clearly see that there’s a lot of red in there, but it’s really really dark. My eyebrows and eyes are very dark as well. But my skin is rather pale-ish. So color usually is way too much contrast for me (because I enjoy growing out my hair and keeping it loose, because I really like my hair). Since I bleached my hair I noticed I can wear a lot of different colors! The harsh contrast is now gone and I can actually wear lighter colors without looking unbalanced. Have you seen somebody with very pale skin and light colord hair and eyes wear the very harsh liquid black eyeliner (not just a line but a very goth line..?) That’s what it looks like when I have my very dark hair around me and wear something pink. Of course, maybe that’s just the way I see myself, all I know is that I feel a lot happier now that my hair is a bit lighter and I feel like I want to wear pink ๐Ÿ™‚


So pink it is! Aren’t these lovely?! I’m sorry to say I forgot what was in them, it’s a blend with linnen, but I don’t have them here with me so I’ll have to check when I’m in my studio.

After breaking my Knit Pro 3.0mm symphony wood knitting needles, I had to try these new to me karbonz. I haven’t had the pleasure to try them yet, but I’ll be sure to update as soon as I have!

I also bought two of these! I love these and I always have trouble keeping my shawls and scarves in place. Mayble I’ll wear them more often now that I have these pins!

When shopping rounds one and two were over we went to Diva to collect the yarns we had picked out earlier. I think she likes us LOL. It’s only good, because we like her too ๐Ÿ˜€

While shopping around we saw these AWESOME ladies with there AWESOME backpacks!! They told me that they make a new backpack for each fair, because they love it and because they want to attract people for their tutorials and courses. So if you like to learn to make these bags be sure to google Jonny Bears (by Marion de Bruijne). I couldn’t find a website, but I think google can help you if you want to contact them ๐Ÿ™‚

We arrived at about 11 or 12 and we stayed until they kicked us out and the stalls were closing. We had so much fun that day and we acquired quite the stash in that day. We put everything on the table once we got home and were pleasantly surprised. And not ashamed at all ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s me enjoying some creepyย quality time with my new yarns ๐Ÿ™‚

Now let me tell you about the next topic. As you may (or may not) know I have a little etsy shop where I put up my handspun yarns. My mom, being a typical mom, bought some of my handspun because she’s the most supportive person I know ๐Ÿ˜‰ One of these yarns was the yarn I spun from the godiva batt I bought from Dutch Wool Diva.

She knit these cute mittens out of this yarn and they’re adorable!

In other, but related news, I finished my second pair of Maelstrom socks. I used Hedgehog Fibers sock yarn in the colorway Pod. I absolutely love these socks but they’re not mine. I’m giving them away gladly to somebody very special. She’s awesome and she’s helping me out so much, and I just like to do something in return for her being awesome. Knitting special socks might keep her liking me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really not above bribing people. Knitting is love.

I’ve never owned actual sock blockers. I’ve had the DIY placemat ones (which work just fine), but I lost them somewhere along the way, so no blocking for me until I’ve made new ones. I’ve tried them on a few times (to see if they fit) and I fell in love. The yarn is pure epicness. Worth every cent of it. My hands did turn greenish during the (long) knitting sessions, but it wouldn’t be the first time, so I really didn’t mind. I did give the socks a little bath in vinegar to be sure though.

Please ignore the phone quality of this picture. The colors are much better shown in the previous photographs but I just love how the socks look in this picture ๐Ÿ™‚

In the mean time I’m having a crochet revival. I’m really starting to love crochet. It’s different from knitting, mainly in that there are hardly any limits. Yes I know you can make a lot of things with knitting needles, but with knitting you always work in surfaces. If you have two or more stitches, you are working on a surface and not a point. Crochet is like working from point to point. There’s no surface because you (almost) always work with one stitch at a time. So a three dimensional object is much more rounded than the same object in knitting. Now I’m really not trying to diss anything here. I’m just trying to explain why I think that a lot of knitting people find crochet hard to adapt to. Us knitters are used to think in multiple stitches and surfaces. Even when you knit in the round you’re always working on a cylinder shaped surface instead of a flat surface. Going from that to thinking only in single points can feel as though all the rules are being thrown out of the window. That’s how it felt for me, and that’s how freeform crochet still feels for me. I’m wildly intrigued by it, but also terrified of it ๐Ÿ˜› I would love to be able to make something like a dress out of freeform crochet, I just don’t have enough control over the process yet.


So in order to understand and master crochet I need to immerse myself in it. I start by making granny squares (the building blocks of basic crochet) and finishing the crochet destash blanket I was making a while ago (years..)

I started out with the previous picture, but felt that it had too many holes, and it worked against the variegated nature of the yarn. I like this block better (but the edges are too rounded). I’ll fix that later though, for now it’s going to serve as an example for the rest of the squares ๐Ÿ™‚

According to my Rav project page I started making granny squares for this project on May 2, 2012. Now I’m finally going to finish this project. I noticed two little mistakes along the way, but I’ll fix those when I’ve sewn the whole thing together. In case you’re wondering: it’s Kirby!

When I started sewing the blanket together I started with a tapestry needle and some blue yarn. Now I can see that this leaves a blue sewing edge between all the blocks, and I really don’t like this effect as much as I thought. So now I’m using a crochet edge to ‘sew’ the blocks together. I’ve also noticed two mistakes in the middle of the blanket, so I’ll have to redo the whole blanket anyway. First I’m going to finish sewing all the blocks though, I don’t want to have to lay them all out again.

I’ve been so smart to string them all on a knitting cable to keep them in place. I made a U shape with the cable so I can only take them off from one side (the left side), and then closed them off with the little caps. So I won’t lose any of the squares. Last time I got them all jumbled and got frustrated, so I put it aside for ‘another time’.

In bunny related news: we bought them a new apartment. Our bunnies now live in a three story, luxurious flat. They no longer have to share a space with us (because they now choose to sit in their home even when the door is open. They don’t even have to share a floor with each other (but they do, because they like each other).

They can walk around freely during the day (and usually most of the night, until the last one of the humans goes to bed). They can hop around as much as they want and one of their favorite hobbies is to follow us around.

Unfortunately though we have to be present at all times when they walk around. As you may be able to see, there’s a piece of furniture hanging from zuzu’s mouth. Yes. This little bunny loves Ikea couches and nothing will keep her from her daily snack. I don’t really have the heart, but I might actually show you a picture of my couch. I love my bunny, but I also love my couch. Sometimes, she needs to be in her home when I can’t be there to watch her. The good thing is that she reaaally loves her new house.


It took them a while to discover that there was another floor. They didn’t want to use the steps because they were afraid, but after a few weeks they went to the second floor. The third floor was harder to find (even though there’s a lovely place to hide (zuzu is sitting on it in these pictures). Now the third floor appears to be their favorite floor to relax. They’re always upstairs ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s so entertaining to watch them! ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy knitting! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh.. the epicness of this tale..

Let me tell you an epic tale of battles, of many defeats and victories…

This picture is taken on July 14, 2011. It was during the Tour the Fleece that I decided to plan a huge spinning project. I had dyed fiber before, but I had never blended any fiber. I had used my handcards for making rolags, but I wanted more. I wanted to create color and fluffiness. Batts. Made with handcards.

So I ordered 300 grams of merino and 100 grams of silk. Most of it remained white, a part became yellow. The silk was dyed with reds and yellows (I used food coloring and a microwave).

I was going for a soft peach with mild gradients in color.

I spun up a rolag and made a little swatch to see if it was to my liking. The swatch is made with very fine yarn, the final product was going to be a bit heavier in weight.


During the Tour I spent a lot of time carding and blending. Because I only had handcards I was (for some reason) obsessed with making batts. I have to say it was easier than you would think, and I really learned a lot about the process. I became pretty good at blending with, and using my hand cards.


I started out spinning on my spindle. Some of the yarn has been spun on my Russian spindle. I was going for a sock weight yarn so I could knit something fine on 3.0mm needles. Insanity now that I look back on it, but I’m glad I did it. I learned so much during this process!


In the end, I decided that the process was taking quite a lot time as it was, so I decided to move to wheel spinning instead. The thing about spinning wheels, however, is that the Irish tension wheel is not well suited for fine, laceweight singles. The picture above will show you how it’s NOT done. By lacing the single over the hooks the pull of the wheel will be reduced dramatically. If you own an Irish tension wheel and you’d like to spin finer yarns, be mindful of the fact that the way I did it puts a lot of strain on the single. Try to keep the angle at 90 degrees instead of 30 (meaning: put the single around two hooks on each side, instead of just one). I had a lot of trouble with snapping singles while I used this method. Once I kept the angles at 90 degrees this problem nearly disappeared.


My summer holiday was spent on this rug, listening to audio books and blending away. This was the final batch.


Somewhere in May 2012 I started knitting Brunhilde. I absolutely fell in love with the pattern. The cables are amazing!

In June 2012, a year later, I finished all the spinning. The blending and spinning of 400 grams took me two whole Tours. It’s funny how you can get used to things. At the moment I can spin 100 grams a day, but back then it was really hard. The spinning wheel, of course, was only part of the issue. I was still learning (I don’t think you ever stop learning). Also: Scotch tension is amazing.


This picture was taken inย November 2012. See what I mean about the cables? Aren’t they gorgeous?! This pattern is really awesome!

By the time March 29th 2013 came around I was still no further. I think I had bound of the sleeves by this point. I don’t really wear long sleeved things, and I wanted to make this a tunic instead of just a pullover.

Tour de Fleece 2014 came around and wanted to use this wip as a background for newly spun yarns. I tried to knit on this project as much as possible, but to be very honest.. it was hard. Early handspun is not the most even yarn you’ll produce. Silk and merino aren’t the most elastic fibers out there. Endless rows of cables on 3.0mm needles can drive a woman mad. Let me firmly state that this had absolutely nothing to do with the pattern. It’s nice, it’s well-written and I really love it.

Working with my own (rather uneven and differently spun) handspun.. meh.. not so much. I’m glad I have a new wheel. I’m glad I’ve had so much more experience spinning yarns. I’m glad I can now actually create even yarns.


I didn’t do any waist shaping, and that’s a very good thing. I’m starting to grow a little bump… I really like the way it turned out in the end, even though it took me 2.5 years from start till finish.


When I started out I was going for something peachy with mellow gradients. I think that’s exactly what I got. There’s some uneven parts, and there’s some oopsies in the cable pattern. But I’m really happy that this project is done. I’ve been wearing it for two days straight. I think I’ll be wearing this until I can’t fit in it anymore!


Happy knitting!