Knitting for a baby

At the moment, the blanket is bigger than Yara is already.. I’m almost done with the first ball and I’ve already caked the second hank. Unfortunately for me I forgot to measure the length of the second hank so I have no idea how much yarn I have left, but I think it will be okay. It’s a total of 300 grams so I think it will become big enough in the end 🙂

I’m having a great deal of fun with the color changes. I’ll probably start the next ball with the green and end with the pink to create a gradient. The fiber I’m spinning right now is much more green and a darker shade of pink, so that will become a nice edge I think.

It’s really hard to take nice pictures. It’s either too dark or too sunny (am I actually complaining about the sun…?)

A short post, just to show  that I haven’t forgotten my new years’ resolutions already! I’m working on a lot of things in “real life”, so there’s a lot of need for some brainless knitting and spinning in my life. I’m so glad this project is able to provide me with some time to relax my brain 😛

Hope to have some other nice things to show next time!

ps. I’ve finished my ‘fietsen’ wrist warmers, but they’re blocking (in the sun) right now, so no pictures yet!