When life gets in the way..

of blogging and/ or knitting. I’ve said it before, but every now and again life gets in the way of my blogging. I forget about a number of things I wanted to blog about and I’m left with a feeling of unease. You’ll know this feeling. The feeling that there’s something I’ve forgotten to do, but I can’t remember what it is. I’ve forgotten about two (three) projects. The forgotten FO’s. I’m usually very proud of my FO’s and I try my best to give each and every one of them a special FO post. Some of these projects are so small and so ‘in-between’, I actually forget they were projects at all 🙁

regular guy beanie
I felt bad for the projects. This project especially. I’ve made two of these, but I only have 1 picture. The regular guy beanie is awesome and is exactly what it says it is. Nothing more, nothing less. The pattern is straight forward and easy to follow. I’ve made one for myself and one for my dad. I’m not a guy, I know.. but I’m enough of a hipster to know that I’m not hipster enough to pull this look off. Well.. whatever.

thrummed slippers
You’ve already seen these pictures if you’ve been following my twitter activites. I’ve completely forgotten about them, even though I’ve been wearing them non stop…

thrummed slippers
The original pattern is called “non-felted slippers” and is not thrummed at all. I was afraid it wouldn’t be warm enough for my frozen feet, so I just added some thrums. It’s my first time using this technique, but it will most definitely not be the last time!

thrummed slippers
Don’t you just want to pet it? It is a bit of an odd feeling at first, but after a while the thrums get flattened and/ or you just get used to them. At first it feels like walking on padding (it is of course).

thrummed slippers 2
One of the things I’ve also forgotten to post about is the whole finishing process of the Space Invader Thistle shawl.

Thistle shawl edging
The pattern calls for a rather big (doubled) edging, but I chose to skip this step for a number of reasons. The most important of those was that I was running out of blue yarn, and I didn’t want to make an all white edge. I also didn’t want to make a striped edge because I want the space invaders to pop, and think the striped edging would be a bit too much for the chosen pattern. I really like the way the shawl looks right now, so I’m not really in favor of knitting an edge at all. I ironed the shawl because it’s written in the pattern that wet-blocking is not something that’s done often in Norway. I wanted to try it out, and I’m impressed with the speed and ease. I will, however, wash the shawl because I like to wash my shawl after dragging it with me for a while.. Also, the yarn hasn’t been washed since it was dyed. It smells like vinegar. Ironing it was a real horror because of the combined smells of steam (dampness), vinegar, food dyes and (not surprisingly) sheep.

Thistle shawl steek
After I had sewn in the live stitches on the top side (I did knit a number of rows in plain white), I used the same yarn to crochet the steek before cutting. I really like the crochet method because it’s nice and stretchy. I was going to iron it, so I wasn’t (and still aren’t) sure if it will grow with the washing or not. To be safe I decided to crochet the steeks first so I could try out the ironing method. Once I’ve washed the shawl I’ll sew the edge with the sewing machine. I know it should hold and nothing ‘bad’ (I’m more inclined to say horrific if you know what I mean) should happen to my shawl, but I don’t want to take the risk. It’s a shawl, and the edgings will probably catch on all sorts of things.

Thistle shawl steek
I love how the crochet looks like train tracks over the shawl.

Thistle shawl steek
I think cutting steeks is always intense. Even though I know I’ve been very careful with the stitches, there’s still a tiny moment of panic when I cut the first few stitches. It’s definitely not something I like to rush. I guess, after picking up all the dropped stitches, the careful knitting and the paying attention in placement (so the cat doesn’t find it), it’s a bit counter intuitive to just grab the next pair of scissors and cut away. I’m over-thinking it. Let’s move on!

FO, wip and PUR
As you know, everything went alright and the shawl (and I) survived the whole ordeal. The cat approves of the shawl and has been found sleeping on it 🙂

Brunhilde wip
Like I said it this post, I’ve been working on Brunhilde again. I had already separated (and finished) the sleeves, so there’s really not much to it now. I really like this pattern and it’s not boring at all, even though I’m knitting this on 3.0 mm needles, it’s actually quite a fast process.

Brunhilde wip
Knitting this project has given me a clear idea of the whole process. I now know that a drum carder would (at some point) be a great addition to my collection of spinning equipment! I enjoyed every moment of this process, and I can’t wait for the next tdf ! Which reminds me:

Today was Breidag! Well, tomorrow as well, but I won’t be going tomorrow. The picture above is one lock of the 100 grams of angora goat mohair I bought at the fair. There were many stands and there was so much yarn.. and fleece.. and all sorts of knitting/ crochet related things. I met a number of people I had previously only known via Ravelry, which was great! I’ve met a number of people I didn’t know, which was also great! I bought yarn for my next secret project at Penelope Crafts stand, and I’m already working on a swatch.

Two skeins of Skein top draw in ‘Barley’. This is Rediculously Photogenic Yarn… RPY. Maybe I can make this a ‘thing’. After Rediculously Photogenic Guy. This yarn IS photogenic.. *le sigh*

See what I mean?

While at the fair we came to Draadpracht‘s stand where I learned (for the first time) about hairpin lace (guimphaken). I had never heard of this type of crochet, and (my mom and I) bought a set to try it out. I don’t have any pictures now, but this shawl was made by one of the ladies at the stand. I’ll be sure to blog about it next time, it’s really cool and very good for destashing of horriffic yarns (I have a box full of them.. I’ll show you next time).

This was my first knitting/ crochet related fair, and it was absolutely great! I’ll try not to miss any of them again 🙂

FO: Space invader thistle!

I’ve wanted one since I saw the pattern. The thistle. It’s such a pretty shawl. I’ve noticed I’m not really a shawl wearing person for some reason. It’s a shame because I do like knitting them. I like knitting lace, but I usually end up giving them away.

When I saw this pattern though, I fell in love with it immediately. It’s a thick and comfortable shawl to wrap around you during this (apparently) never-ending winter.

Space Invader Thistle
I have to be honest though, I felt the original pattern to be a bit ‘too much’. I was going to use some hand dyed (by myself) blue and yellow yarn, but swapped the yellow for some bleached white. I’ve had to restart this project twice. The first time I forgot to increase on each round, while the second time I decided to switch the main and contrast colors.

Space Invader Thistle
This shawl is, in a way, a tribute to all the people who have found my blog while searching for space invaders knitting pattern. (There have been many)

Space Invader Thistle
This is the first shawl I have not blocked, but ironed. I think blocking would’ve made the floats more even (and straight) but I’m ok with it. I like the way it turned out, and in all honesty, ironing the thing was a lot easier than wet-blocking. I have decided to skip the edging. I really like the way the shawl looks right now and a border would take away from the simplicity of the space invader pattern I think. Besides, it’s always possible to add a border if I find that I’d like one.

Space Invader Thistle
I knew this shawl was going to be big. I used two hanks of 250 grams (blue) and one white hank (200grams), but I was still surprised at the hugeness of the shawl. It’s bigger than I am…

Space Invader Thistle
I added a cat (as if..) and the Ikea chair for scale. I have some in-progress pictures on my twitter account if you’re interested 🙂

Dear Flickr

I’ve never written you any letters. This will be the first. I’ve never said how much I appreciate you and all of the wonderful things you offer me. In the end, I guess, that’s because I pay you for the services you offer me, but I’m still grateful nonetheless.

I’m writing you to let you know that there’s something lacking in our relationship. Something, I feel, needs to be addressed. You see (and you’re probably well aware of this already), I’m a blogger.

Being a blogger is what defines me as a person (strange isn’t it). I don’t blog because I feel like the world should heed my words. I blog because it’s a part of who I am. This whole blog has been (and still IS) a great journey you and I are both on, and I feel like we’ve become quite good friends during the past five years. You’ve seen my better (and not so good) moments. You’ve seen me happy, you’ve seen me sad. But most of all, dear Flickr, you have seen me grow. As a knitter, a photographer, but most of all as a person.

You were with me when I took the first craptastic cellphone pictures for my blog.

Remember the times when I thought 16:9 ratio was the sh*t?! Good times man!

How about that time when I changed my blog theme for the sixth time, and you taught me all about that little ‘macro setting’ thingy on the camera?

We’ve been through so much fun stuff together! We’re like old buddies! *sigh*

Right now, I’m at a point where I look back at all the silly things I’ve done and I smile in memory. There’s just one teeny tiny thing that is making me feel very stressed out and unhappy, my dear Flickr. You see, when I started out I thought that a good picture meant “gazillion megapixel picture time”. So the older the picture, the longer it takes to load. So I decided to cut myself and my viewers some slack by resizing my pictures.

By changing the size, of course I mean filesize. “Save for web”.

In order for me to do so, I’d need to download the whole flickr archive, edit them in some photo editing sofware, and replace them. I know you offer the possibility to downsize an image with aviary, but you don’t offer me the option to reduce the filesize (and keep the image size).

I have 1.958 pictures in my Flickr archive.

Why… is it not possible to download all the pictures (and I don’t mean via some 3d party software darnit!), and upload them in a way that doesn’t involve REPLACING each and every single picture ONE bye ONE…? I realize that you are a photo sharing website, and may feel that this is not part of your responsibility. But you know what Flickr, this  one by one replacing of images is very inconvenient…

I’m a little upset, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be your friend anymore. I just hope you can see (and understand) my distress. Maybe you can find a way to make this blogger a little happier. Perhaps you cannot. Either way, I’ve said what I wanted to say, now I’ll go and replace some of the pictures I’ve just downloaded and editted.

yours sincerely,


destashing, organizing, reflecting and planning ahead!

But first: finishing old projects! I have a number of wips that I want to turn into FO’s as soon as possible. There’s three projects I really need to finish.

Handspun BF Tomten
1. Handspun tomten vest

Dude seriously?! I started spinning for this project in april 2011.. I ran out of yarn last year (february 2012). I have, in my defence, made a few rolags and moved to another city, but sheeeshh…

Truffle cardigan
2. Truffle Cardigan for my teacher

Ok I do have a good reason for this one. I started this one before the final presentation for my graduation, so in all honesty I didn’t (at first) have a great deal of time to spend on it. Then it was summer and too hot. You know how you subconsciously know that there’s something really wrong with a project, but you stubbornly refuse to stop and look,  so you keep knitting for days (or weeks) on end only to realize you have to rip back and start over? Well that’s this project for you.. I kept knitting until I was done with the waist shapings and noticed I was running out of yarn, fast. Now my teacher is taller tan I am, so I had cause to stay in denial. I asked my dad to try it on and it was too big for him.

I can’t remember, but I think I cried 😛

I ripped back all the way back to the yoke and started again. I’m almost done with the body decreases and I feel like I’m going to end up with enough yarn to knit another cardigan….

brunhilde wip
3. Brunhilde

This project is without a doubt my biggest project of all time. This project started out as an experiment of hand-carding, blending colors and fibers and spinning them to make a huge project. A grand total of 300 grams of superfine merino and 100 grams of tussah silk were hand dyed (by myself of course), separated and handcarded into fluff that felt like cotton candy.

TdF fiber prep
I wanted peach and I think that’s exactly what I got.  I started spinning (dying and blending that is) for the Tour de Fleece of 2011. I need to get this thing finished before may… seriously..

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let me show you what else I’ve been doing:

space invader shawl
For the fans. A space invader shawl, and I can tell you it’s going to be huuuuuuge.

more yarn for the invader thistle
I’ve so far finished 1 hank of blue (which was about 250 grams), and I’m now knitting with a second hank. I wanted to post the pictures sooner, but this is one of those projects you can’t put down. I keep saying to myself: “ok just one more row of space invaders”, ok just 5 more rows of solid knitting… ok maybe just ONE more… and before you know it, it’s 2 am and you forgot to take pictures again..

I think I’ll stop once I’ve finished the blue yarn, but I can’t really be sure. I’m also not really sure about the edging. I think a solid color would look nicer than squares of white and blue.

granny squares
Even though I haven’t been really focused on the matter, I have been producing some granny squares…

granny squares sorted
It’s a bit weird but I feel like I’ve been making granny squares for ages, but have nothing to show for it. I couldn’t be bothered to lay them flat and compose a shape, but I think there’s more squares than it seems.

sleeping kitty
I’m really sorry but you knew that this was the internet and you came here at your own risk.. suddenly. cat.

This is how my cat sleeps. I know that I’ve posted many many catpictures and you must be tired as hell of seeing my cats, but seriously.. LOOK AT HER.. why does she sleep like that..

happy purring knitting