I feel like I’m repeating myself (see 2011), but I feel like I’m going to do a lot of designing this year. I’ve been working on some ideas and now all of the sudden the little waves of creative outbursts have turned into a tsunami I can’t seem to control.

secret project...
I bought some cascade eco+ from my new favorite yarn shop in Amsterdam: Penelope Craft. I was in the neighborhood having coffee with a friend and I just had to walk in and buy some yarn.. well.. the buying of yarn wasn’t planned, but I couldn’t seem to help myself.. I absolutely love the olive eco+ and while I was petting it a sudden rush of inspiration emenated from the purring yarn..

(ok fine, that’s not how it happened.. )

secret project...
The yarn has a very rustic feel about it. It’s warm and cozy, but it calls images of rugged terrains, mountains and clear waterfalls to mind. (Skyrim induced hallucinations I guess).

secret project...
I had no plan when I bought the yarn, but I’ve already noticed that I’m going to need more yarn for this project.. ๐Ÿ˜›

to be contintued..

EDIT: And before you ask: Yes. I spent this entire Valentines Day curled up on the couch making love toย playing with yarn.


One of the most amusing parts of blogging is the search terms that guide visitors to a blog. This is my fifth year of blogging and in the past four years I’ve blogged about a great number of things. Most of them knitting related. So it’s really no wonder that people should find my blog when searching for knitting related things (or things I’ve blogged about).

On a non-knitting related note: a number of people found my blog because they were looking for information about airbrushing dragons, about a certain knitting pattern, a certain brand of yarn or even about michelangelo’s art (I’ve done some master studies and sketches). Most of them, however, involve either the words or parts of the word combination ‘space invaders’.

Of the 245 posts published on this blog, only 5 of them mention the term space invaders, this post excluded. Two posts are actually about space invader patterns I was working on (again, not counting this post).

Here’s the kicker… of the top 10 search terms (of all time) of this blog, 6 of them are space invader related. In the complete list of all search terms there are no less than 94 variations including ‘space invaders’.

I hear you…

You want space invaders? YOU CAN HAVE SPACE INVADERS GRR!

This here wip is the Thistle shawl. The original sports a different motif, but I felt that this was one of those patterns that would support a space invaders motif just fine.

space invader thistle
The original pattern is very nice as well ๐Ÿ™‚ The pattern is easy to follow, just don’t forget to increase every right side row (knitting in the round). I made the mistake of not reading and I had to rip rip rip..

I’m knitting this shawl to please all of the fine people who visited my blog and may have been disappointed by the low quantity of space invader knitting ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your visit ๐Ÿ™‚

FO: Erasmus

I think I’m spotting a trend here. In ‘real life’ I’m really neither a ‘morning person’ or ‘night owl’. It doesn’t really matter at what time I wake up, as long as I have some time to wake up slowly while sipping my coffee and petting my cat. I guess the same is true for my blogging and the new year. While some people don’t like mondays, I for some reason don’t appear to like January’s.

I’ve been meaning to post Erasmus for a while now, but unfortunately ‘life’ has gotten in the way. My apparent acrimony toward the first month of the year didn’t help of course.

As I already mentioned here, when I knit the first pair I never intended to do ‘anything’ with them. I merely knit them to practice stranded knitting and to use up my stash. I changed my mind after seeing how much ‘wear-time’ they got and how comfortable I found them. They don’t sag.

I’m very picky when it comes to ‘the fit’ and I find most armwarmers either scratchy or terribly annoying because of the constant sagging. Many armwarmers are made of stretchy fabric/ stitches and have the tendency to stretch out while wearing them. While at first they may be snug and comfortable, after the third day of wear they feel loose and saggy. I use armwarmers like I use hats. I tend not to wash them every week….

The lack of posts in January were also due to some exciting new changes in my ‘real life’ at the moment. I’m not saying what it is just yet, but I’m working on something that takes up a lot of my spare time right now. I’m hoping to find some time and upload the patterns for Altocumulus and Erasmus (also free duh) somewhere this week.