and apparently I’m not the only one struck by it.. I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do about it. At this point I’m just going with the flow without really knowing when it will end. I decided that it’s better to enjoy the whole process rather than fighting it.. I’m going to lose anyway 😛

Meet Altocumulus. I had bought these yarns for other purposes, but they looked so cute together. I’ve been fascinated with brioche stitch ever since my grandmother gave me a brioche stitch beret a looong time ago. I was really amazed by the squishiness of the fabric.

I have a very hard time finding names for designs, but this one actually named itself. It reminds me of the times when the summer sky is filled with cute altocumulus clouds. They’re usually formed in little patches that look like sheep in the sky, but sometimes they’re connected, forming streaks of fluffy white clouds.

I love these yarns because they’re really cheap, but not too bad for quick projects (or experiments). That’s also the reason I’m de-stashing right now. I’m tired of the cheap and crappy yarns and one of my new years resolutions is to only buy nice yarns. You spend so much time working on knitting/ crochet projects and then you end up with an ‘okay’ project instead of an ‘awesome’ one.

But before I can do that I need to turn the balls of yarn into FO’s 🙂

I might be able to squeeze out another FO post before the year is up! To the knitmobile!

destash FO: holiday infinity cowl

I’m preparing for the new year by enjoying 2012 to the fullest. The dark days, the cheery lights and the knitting. Here’s what I’ve been doing the past few days.

infinity cowl
I had bought four balls of dark red acrylics yarn from the Zeeman to knit an old school 90s Christmas sweater, but Christmas came and went, and I was still to CO for the sweater. So in the end I decided not to cast on just yet, and chose to crochet an infinity cowl instead.

infinity cowl
I was going for “huge” and I’m happy with the way it turned out. It’s 100% acrylics yarn, but it’s still nice and soft. I must say I’m really pleased with the Zeeman yarns.

infinity cowl
I haven’t stopped wearing it, and I’ve been inspired to make more of these.

I’ve been working on a rework of Rosalie. You might remember rosalie as my first knitting design attempt. I threw it in the washer by accident and it came out the size of a doll…

I finished the first Rosalie in 2010, and I was so upset about felting it that I didn’t feel like looking at it for quite a while. It took me almost three years to get over it (lol), but I think the rework will be much better than the original.

Rosalie wip
It’s a wip I like spending time with. The drops alpaca is so nice and soft 🙂

I’m really sorry but I can’t show too many pictures of it yet. I want the reveal to be a bit of a surprise 🙂

new stitch markers
What do you think of my new stitch markers?


Today is the winter solstice.. the shortest day of the year. I’m not going to explain about all the many names this day has in so many different cultures/ parts of the world. In Persian it’s called Yalda, and it’s the time when everybody comes together and decorates all things with lights so that the ‘light’ can prevail over the ‘darkness’..

Now you know why I’ve been away for a while..between preparing for Yalda, Christmas, and our traditional geek new year’s eve game night and all other things (like vacuuming and playing with the cats) there’s not much time left for knitting and/ or blogging. I think you all are busy as well so I’m sure you haven’t really missed me just yet 😉

I would like to share some unrelated things (just like the last post, I know, sorry). I cut my hair! It was getting too long and I felt like a new and fresh start! I donated the hair so it can be used for a wig/ hairpiece for children with cancer. I’m not sharing this information so you’ll think better of me, but I’m sharing this information in the hopes to inspire and to raise awareness. If you live in the Netherlands you can send your braid to Stichting Haarwensen.

I now look like this 🙂 I’m very happy with the way my hair turned out (a BIG thank you! to my mother, who still cuts my hair), and I think I might keep it (at least for a while).

In other news; I’m glad I moved back home 🙂 looking out over the harbor and IJ never fails to make me happy.

ok ok.. I know.. a little sneak peek in the knitting department… I have, of course, been knitting… I hope to present it to you in January 2013.. it just depends on the progress I make between all the foodfests 🙂

I hope you’ll have a great time this Yalda/ Christmas/ New Years and I wish you all the best, health and happiness!

non-knitting post

yay! Christmas decorations :)
I love Christmas decorations. No tree this year, but there’s enough space to hang the decorations. Mostly, I’m in love with the lights. The soft warm glow gives me a warm feeling whenever I turn them on. They even make me forget about the lack of sun(light) we’re getting over here.

This is a very short post about a few things that are not about knitting. Remember the bell pepper plants?

I’m not sure if they’re visible on this picture, but they were delicious! I planted them waaay too late, so I never even expected them to grow actual bell peppers. But they did! And some of them even turned a bright yellow! I’m not sure if I’ll plant more in the early spring, but I might plant other things. The net that’s supposed to keep the cats inside will also hold any birds outside, so I might buy a mini fruit tree. It’d probably go well with the blueberry plant and the white grape plant 🙂

avocado plant
The last thing I’d like to show you is the avocado plant. It’s grown quite a lot since my mom planted it. I really wasn’t sure what to do with it anymore, and the poor thing had stopped growing. As you can see it got overexcited and used the sudden increase in nutrition to grow a gigantic leaf. It’s so big the pant now needs extra support..

I’m not really sure if this will work and if we’ll ever end up eating a home-grown avocado our cold and gray Amsterdam, but I’m not holding my breath 😛

yay! Christmas decorations :)
Noodles approves of the decorations 🙂

FO: Francie and Harvest Dew

I often forget how much I enjoy knitting (and wearing) socks. It still amazes me how much I enjoy them. Meet Francie.

FO: Francie socks
I don’t have a nice photo setup just yet, so I’m trying to find some nice ones as I go. It’s still really hard to photograph socks and make them look good 😛

FO: Francie socks
I love these socks. This is the fourth time knitting them even though I wanted to knit myself a pair at least once before. The pattern is too big for me, even when I knit them with smaller needles, so instead I knit a standard toe on the pattern. The obvious drawback is that the pattern is incomplete and the whole effect is gone. The good news is that the sock fits my feet and I don’t have to give them away (again).

FO: Harvest dew
I’ve never been a great fan of vibrant colors to be honest, but these colors made me very happy. For some reason this fall/ winter has been very bleak and grayish and I really feel the need for some colorful knits. This is one of them. The pattern is Harvest Dew and it’s a free rav download.

FO: Harvest dew
It’s a very quick knit because of the slipped stitches, and not boring at all. I misread the chart while working on the first sock so I had to rip back a little to fix my mistakes.

FO: Harvest dew
I added this picture because the top-down pictures really don’t do the pattern any justice.

FO: garlic and sun-dried-tomato bread :)
have some garlic & sun-dried-tomato bread 🙂