FO: Maluka

It’s taken quite a while but there’s another FO post! I finished this one a little while ago but I didn’t have the time to block it. (until now that is)

The pattern is amazing and I’m seriously thinking of knitting another one (for myself). I love how the shawlette is simple but very textured at the same time. MalukaΒ is one of those amazing projects that take very little time and effort to knit, but have a great ‘wow-effect’.

The edge does tend to want to curl but I guess that could’ve been helped with a *k1-p1* repeat for a few rows… instead I did some garter stitch. It’s a gift for my grandmother and she likes it very much so I’m pleased πŸ™‚

I had a hank of Malabrigo sock and once I was done there was a lot of yarn left so I decided to make a larger version (like many other people on rav). I’m happy I did because I still think it could’ve been a bit bigger πŸ˜›

I’m happy to present another FO here, because I was starting to feel like I never get to finish any projects πŸ™ I’m still working on a mystery project but unfortunately I can’t show it on my blog just yet. It’s already on rav and it’s the na craga project but I can’t link to it because it’s a present and I don’t like to spoil the surprise πŸ™‚


I wrote and rewrote this post so many times I lost count. Today I’m going to post it no matter what happens. I don’t like to disappear like this because I feel like my blog is something I really like about my life and regular updates are a huge part of it. So many different things have happened since my last post update and there’s so much I’d like to write down that in the end I don’t post it because i feel it’s either too long or doesn’t say all the things I want it to say. The truth is that I’m back and it doesn’t matter how long this post becomes.

I really missed blogging and being active on rav. I really missed having the silly routine that comes with blogging (waiting for nice weather, snapping pictures, editing on the computer, uploading.. you know the works). I feel like I’ve lost a part of my weekly routine and my quality of life is suffering from it. I decided to just pick up where I left of and continue from there.

The last time I blogged was over a month ago and I was busy enjoying the TdF. At the moment a huge part of my yarn/ knitting is still not unpacked and I’m stuck with new WIP’s (ha.ha. stuck). I haven’t spun even once and the promise I made myself is out the window (I wanted to finish the handspun tomten before the end of summer…)

I guess life is all about flexibility and appreciation. Nothing bad has happened and everybody’s still healthy. That’s good enough for me. The rest will all come in due time.

The first thing I did was rip this project and restart from the yoke. I had mad a slight miscalculation with the gauge (I accidentally calculated with a 4.5mm instead of the 5.5 I’m using right now and ended up with about 80 stitches too many. There was no other option than frogging and I can tell you I wasn’t happy at all. I still love the pattern and I still love knitting it but I was really bummed out.

We had to move the plants as well and I feared they wouldn’t survive. This is the second harvest from our pepper plant and I can tell you they were delicious. We just ate one and it was enough to burn for the rest of the day.. It was a nice experiment and I think I’ll be planting peppers each year.

I knit a Maluka with some malabrigo boticelli red! I knit this shawl for my grandmother and I did more repeats than the pattern called for and I still ended up with half my yarn left. I still haven’t blocked it so no FO post just yet, but I’m getting there.

I’ve also worked on another few projects a lot but I’ll save those for the next post, because right now I’d like to show you some pictures of the bell peppers I planted earlier this year. I started out with an experiment in a greenhouse (aqua40 aquarium). I planted cotton seeds and bell peppers and they both turned out great. They’re all in the flower phase and some already have some of the cutest bell peppers I’ve ever seen!

All of them come from one single yellow bell pepper and the peppers are supposed to become yellow in the end (though it’s also ok to eat/ pluck them when they’re green).

I’ve given them plant nutrition specific for vegetables every week and I believe it really helped. The plants that were moved are a bit behind with the flowers and peppers but they too are now carrying little square bell peppers.

Aren’t they cute? I can’t believe it actually worked and I’m really excited about growing more vegetables. I still only have a balcony but I think you can grow certain vegetables on a balcony too. I’m going to do some research on it and I might even have to build a little greenhouse so I can start planting early 2013.

Though there hasn’t been that much knitting in the past few months I do feel the need to start new things and finish some old projects. I’m really starting to settle in the new house and I feel the need to start knitting again. I’ve loved this pattern since I first laid eyes on it and when I decided to knit my cute little nephew a present it just had to be Na Craga. I couldn’t find most of my yarn (I still need to unpack it) so I bought 4 balls of Zeeman Tweed. I love the yarn but I can’t knit them with small needles without killing my hands. I’m terrified of carpal tunnel syndrome so I only knit a very little bit each day, so it’s a small progress.

I decided to cut out the center three cables (front and back) and to do only 1 repeat on the beginning and ending (chart a and e). It’s still going to be too big but I guess he’ll be able to wear it longer. He’s probably not going to enjoy this present much at two years old, but I’m knitting it more for his mom than for him. There’s plenty of people buying him toys anyway πŸ™‚