Phase 2

I started last year during the TdF and I might be able to finish it this summer. It took me a whole year (this seems to be a recurring theme), but I’ve learned a lot (lol I’m not even done yet). Phase one is almost completely done and Phase 2 has already started. I’m now plying the last of the handcarded peachy. I spun most of it on the wheel, but a good third of the project was spun up using my IST Crafts Russian spindle.

I started spinning with the intention to knit up a tangled yoke cardigan, but somewhere along the line I decided to knit something else. Brunhilde is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been looking for an elegant sweater with a lot of cables, but most of the projects I found called for heavier weights of yarns.

Remembering my fiasco with oranje I decided to actually make a swatch and see how it would behave. Apparently merino likes to grow and relax after a washing and I didn’t think a non-superwash yarn would like a trip in the dryer.

As you can see the swatch relaxed and stretched out quite a bit during the washing. I took the measurements from the washed and relaxed swatch and spent some time thinking about the next problem. Raglan or TTS?

It’s an important question because I love the TTS method and I love the way it looks like the pieces are sewn together. I have a problem with raglan is that it doesn’t look that good on my shoulders. Raglan makes my shoulders look chubby and like they’re drooping. They just don’t look so good as when I wear clothes that have a distinct separation between sleeve and shoulder. However this would’ve meant losing the elegant shoulder cabling.

This is what I have so far. I’m not ready to separate the sleeves just yet, but I’ll try it on first before I decide to continue or not. I truly love the pattern and I’d be really bummed to start all over again/ lose the awesome neckline to shoulder detail, but I have to be realistic as well. The problem I had with my Vaila was the raglan sleeves. I really didn’t like them.

It took most of the spring to get there but the sun is finally here! (at least for a whole week). She had quite a comeback as we went from 15C to 30C in a matter of two days. It was absurd, but enough reason for me to sit outside and to card/blend the rest of the fiber and make it ready for some spinning.

In the end I decided to spin and ply the rest on the wheel so I could just finish it in one go. It turned out to be a lot of go’s and I’m still not done plying the whole thing. The second batch is a bit more red than pinkish but I guess that’s what you get with peaches and handcards. I’m happy with the way it’s working out!

I burned myself..

Three days ago I burned my hand. It hurts. I can’t knit because it hurts. Ok, let me explain what happened. I was planning to go see The Avengers in 3D and I decided to be the awesome sister/girlfriend/daughter and bake awesome buttermilk pancakes. I was baking and everybody was happy. So what went wrong? We have an induction stove (which means there’s no direct heat coming from the stove, the pan gets hot because of magnetic fields). So the stove doesn’t get hot but ofcourse the pan does, which in turn means that the part of the stove that supports the pan will be hot too.

I decided to be a good girl and clean the stove… I placed the hot pan aside to cool down and I grabbed a paper towel to whipe the (by now super hot) stove… ouch.. Three days later it looks like this.

So now I’m going to talk about what you should do when you burn yourself. There’s a lot of old and new wisdom and there’s a lot of stuff you should seriously not do (like butter or toothpaste…). Hold your hand under cold water for as long as you can. Let someone grate an onion or two for you and add a teaspoon (or two) of salt and mix well. Stick your burned hand in the onion/salt mixture and keep it there for as long as possible. Clean your hand (water) and use moisturizer (I use after-sun). If it still hurts you can hold a can of cold soda (or beer).

I’m not a doctor. If you’ve really burned yourself badly GO SEE A DOCTOR! This is not the first time I used this method and it will not be the last time. The first time I used this was when I was cooking (again) on a regular gas stove. I had cooked something for a very long time and then I decided to clean up. For some reason this type of stuff only happens to me when I’m at my mom’s house, and I’m trying to make sure I don’t make a huge mess. So once I was done cooking I replaced the pan and I don’t know why but I actually grabbed the gas burner to clean it. Obviously the damned thing was extremely hot and I heard my skin make the sound fresh chips make… There was a white line on my thumb and even holding my hand under the ice cold running water wasn’t doing much. I was expecting serious blisters and a scar for sure (I’d been scarred for longer times by much lesser burns before). But I never got a scar. Within the week the skin was healed and there’s still nothing left to show.

This burn is almost exactly the same. I can actually see the skin healing itself (and it feels great). The only thing I can’t do is knit. But I can crochet when I let the end stick out between my fourth and firth fingers.

So now I have 130 granny squares and every where I look I keep finding more and more yarn to use on this project. As you may remember I got a loom and a lot of stash from an old weaver lady. The stash was huge and I didn’t have much time to sort it out, but it mainly existed of two pars. The first part was a lot of yarns that could be used for medium – large projects. The second part was a lot of swatches and a lot of smaller sets of different colors tied together. I knew I couldn’t really use them for anything bud decided to keep them anyway.

Now I’m using them to make granny squares. I’m still not sure what this project will look like in the end, and I’m also not sure if it will even become one or two different projects. What I do know is that crochet is making me very happy and I like it a lot. So I decided to make something like this:

It only took me a few rows to realize that this yarn wasn’t going to work with crochet (or this project). I loved working with the yarn but it wasn’t behaving the way I was hoping it would. The silk in this yarn will make it very drapey, so I thought it’d be a good yarn to use for a crochet cape. But while working on it i felt like the crochet was taking away from the yarns character, so I decided to frog it instead. I’m still in love with the cape and I’m still going to crochet it, but with a different yarn me thinks 🙂


Triple FO!

This is going to be a long post! I’ve been away for away for a while and I have much to talk about! Let me first say I didn’t mean to stay away for so long, but there was nothing I could really do about it. I graduated on the 20th of April and I’ve spent the past few weeks getting myself organized (and I’ve also been sleeping a lot). It’s an odd feeling to not have deadlines looming ahead and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

I’ve also been doing a lot of cleaning. As you may know we moved last year, but because of all the stress and work I haven’t been able to clear all the boxes (and there’s a lot of them). So I’m working on all those things right now. There’s two rooms I need to re-organize and a whole lot of crap I need to throw away.

I’ve been away, but I haven’t stopped knitting ofcourse. I’ve got three FO’s to show you and some other things 🙂

It’s finally done! It was ready for queensday so I spent the evening before and the actual day itself wearing this. The weather was fantastic so we all had a great time.

I chose to knit this cardigan with a little ease so I could wear it comfortably. I really don’t like loose fitting clothes, but I consider this cardigan to be my yo-yo cardigan *wink*.

The zipper was a pain because of the garter stitch (and the super fine malabrigo merino). Last time I sewed a zipper I messed it up horribly, so I didn’t dare sew it again myself. Thankfully Super Mom came to my rescue and helped me out 🙂

This is a little FO too, but it doesn’t really count. I found a bread machine for 2 euro’s and it’s working juuust fine. This here is a poppy seed bread (that turned out quite yummy)

The second (actual) FO:

I named them magic potion socks because of the color, but also because I thought they’de be mine. I knit this pair with smaller needles because I thought that’d help, but even in an unwashed state they fit my dad’s feet better than mine. So I decided to knit another pair but to use a ‘standard’ toe instead of following the pattern. I love the pattern and it’s really pretty but somehow I can’t follow the pattern and think for myself so it’s really (!) not the pattern, it’s me. But I noticed that this was an actual possibility. The next pair *will* be mine.

The final FO is here and I love it. The pattern is capucine and it’s my new favorite hat pattern. I love everything about this pattern and I know I’ll knit another one for this winter. This one is knit with a double held drops delight and classic alpaca to make it a little bulkier. I haven’t attached the tassles yet because I wasn’t sure if I wanted them or not. I’m still not sure..

I’ve also been working on some other stuff

So this here is a destashing gone wild. I was looking for a project to use all the leftover drops delight (and other yarns) for and I found a pattern called firenza. I started making granny squares and before I knew I was out of drops delight… This picture was taken a few days ago and by now I have a lot more squares. I’ve collected a number of yarns I’m going to use for this project and I’ve put them in a little plastic bag. Each time I grab one and start crocheting granny squares until I run out of yarn. It’s soothing and addictive at the same time, but if you combine it with book 4 of ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ you’ve got more than just a stew goin’… (reference: search for Carl Weathers).

It’s so bad I’m even trying to finish these mitts so I can claim the leftover handspun… (if any)