One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that when a project doesn’t get finished in a reasonable amount of time there’s either something wrong with my choice of yarn or I don’t really like the project anymore.

This project, unfortunately, is one of them. I wanted to knit my mom a knotty as well because she told me she would really like to have a pair of red knotty gloves as well. So I decided to go crazy and make her a handspun knotty. As it turned out the handpun should’ve been a 2 ply instead of a 3 ply and the knitting hurt my wrists.

I still really wanted to knit my mom a pair of warm and red gloves and I felt really bad so I ordered a pair of red drops alpaca. I feel a little sad about abandoning the handspun knotty project, but I guess I can still use the yarn to knit some other project she might like.

I decided to buy three more balls of alpaca because of the alpaca festival discount. I got a white one for the new jacket I’m going to knit (more about that soon), a purple one to knit some hat for in the winter, and the red/purple one to finish my mittens πŸ™‚

I also still have three untouched skeins of drops delight left for some nice socks and I also have two skeins that have partly been used.

So the coming weeks I’ll have enough yarn for some nice smaller projects like the gloves, socks and hats. In the past weeks I’ve also been working on an older project which, I felt, really fits in the re-do post. I’m not frogging this project but it totally falls in the wrong yarn choice department. I really detest knitting this yarn. It’s horrible. It hurts my wrists. Every stitch is a constant battle of pulling and forcing the yarn through loops. On the other hand I love the way it looks and I know that, once it’s done, it’s going to look exactly the way I pictured it. *le sigh*

FO: Blackrose

It’s finally finished thanks to the great people who work at finlandia import! I had already ordered three skeins of drops delight but sent them an email if I could add an extra skein and it was no problem at all :3 I couldn’t bare not to have all the colors I wanted..

I think I’ve found a good sock photo shoot pose! This seems to be working, it might even help to take pics like these for all the socks I knit so I can compare them in the end.

I’m very pleased with the drops delight quality. I’d read some reviews on ravelry and to be honest I had almost felt sorry about placing the order, but I guess people prefer different yarns (who would’ve thought…).

I also thought the yarn would be too soft or to fragile to be used as sock yarn in projects other than stranded knitting (in combination with different types of yarns). I don’t know about durability just yet since I’ve been wearing this pair for two whole days, but I think it might prove to be sturdier than I thought. The yarn does, big surprise, lack elasticity. It’s stretchy but it’ll sag a little bit. I think a longer ribbing might help, or with sock patterns that are based on a ribbed pattern perhaps. Overall I’m really pleased with the yarn and I’m happy to use the 4 balls I have left for different projects.

One of these is the rainbow colored one which will grow up to be a pair of Rainbow Gaudi socks for the BF.

I’m usually not a huge fan of rainbow yarn myself, but this one is a huge success! I actually couldn’t stop myself from knitting and spent way too much time knititng last night (instead of sleeping). The pattern is horrible in the sense that it’s waaaay too easy and relaxing to knit…

FO: Gaudi socks

It always amazes me how much I love knitting socks. They knit up so fast compared to a full length sweater on 3mm needles!

I’ve already been wearing them for a few days but I hadn’t yet posted an official FO post. I mainly knit this project to try out drops delight yarn and I must say I’ve truly enjoyed knitting with it. The yarn feels like handspun singles but it’s sturdier than it seems. I think I like it πŸ™‚

I also really like the gaudi pattern because it’s so simple and quick. It’s a slip stitch pattern so it feels like you’re only doing half the actual work. I liked the pattern (and yarn) so much I directly ordered two extra balls so I can knit this sock for the BF as well! I can’t knit socks for myself and not knit socks for the BF, so every time I knit one sock for myself I also knit one sock for the BF afterwards. I’ve been lagging a bit so I’ll have to knit 3 socks for him now πŸ™‚ such a burden lol.

It’s quite easy to knit socks for the BF. I use the exact same amount of stitches but I use a 2.75mm needle and it fits him perfectly. In the end there’s not much of a difference in the fabric anyway so I don’t think it really makes a difference it durability or warmth. It does however make a huge difference in knitting comfort!

When I say he’ll get 3 socks it’s because I’ve been knitting on blackrose for a while too! I totally <3 this pattern. I’ve used a ball of drops delight for this one too (color 02) and I really like the way it turned out! There’s just a small problem…

really…? this was just mean.. I ran out of yarn. I knew I was going to run out of yarn, it was quite obvious but I just didn’t want to believe it. So yes, I actually did knit faster. The problem now is that I can’t knit any other socks even tho I do have enough sockyarn to keep me busy. I just don’t have any 2.5mm dpn’s anymore and the BF’s yarn hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t knit a manly sock with the 2.75 either. The reason I knit with 2.5mm only is because by now I know exactly how socks knit on 2.5mm will react to my feet and I’m not willing to calculate and mess up again.

I’m hoping that my yarn will arrive before the weekend so I can finish my blackrose and CO for the BF socks. I’ll have some serious withdrawal if I don’t receive it before the weekend. On the other hand this might be a good development.. .I’ve actually been knitting on some other projects.. I might actually Β finish something before 2012 πŸ˜›

Guess what..

happened yesterday! I washed and blocked it and I just couldn’t resist taking a picture. I initially didn’t want to blog about it but I guess a little sneek peek won’t hurt anybody.

I love the sock already! I knew I loved the pattern and the way it knits up so fast, but I simply didn’t know I’d love the sock so much! I wish I could wear them both right now… ahh

(This picture also shows why I never take pictures at night or with artificial light anymore… but I guess for a sneek peek it’ll do ;))


I wanted to post about this yarn I spun a few days ago but as I was knitting a swatch I forgot about the blogpost. It’s a shame actually because now I’m going to have to cram it all in one wee post. Ahh well.. such is life.

So I finished a quarter of this little project.

It’s a quarter (118 grams) of the merino/ silk blend and it measures 605m. To be quite honest I’m really happy with the way it turned out! When I started spinning I wanted to be able to recreate malabrigo sock yarn. I was, and still am, a poor student and my budget for yarn and stuff is really really tight. It’s not that I can’t buy any yarn, it’s just that I can spend the same money on fleece and roving and end up with 10x more yarn than I could’ve bought in the store. It only takes a bit more time.

The reason I’m extremely happy with the results is also due to the fact that I actually managed to handcard these colors to make this blend. It turned out exactly the way I hoped it would! Complete blending without too much striping. There’s a yellowish part I’m intending to use for some other project so I don’t end up with a yellow stripe in my cardigan.

I’m planning to use this yarn to knit another Tangled Yoke Cardigan for myself. This time I’m going knit the cardigan in a different manner. I like the garment but I disliked the way the pattern was written, so I’ll use the pattern as a sort of guideline but I’ll use my own measurements and my own gauge.

I actually knit a swatch this time. I’m really not so big on swatch-knitting but I felt I needed to get to know the yarn before I could take on such a huge knit (for 3.0mm needles..) The yarn knits great and it doesn’t split, as it turns out it’s also great for ripping.

It was the first time I spun anything with silk in it and I have to say I aboslutely love the stickiness it brings to the blend. The silk allows for a very thin single because it holds on to itself very well πŸ˜€ I’m already looking forward to spinning the rest!

Another first time is the stranded mittens I’ve been working on.

When I started working on these I feared I’d run out of handspun first, but as it turns out I’ll probably run out of alpaca first and I’ll have to order some in the near future!

I wanted a really tight and thick fabric because the winds around these parts can be a total pain in the winter. So instead of a 2.5mm I used a 2.0mm needle. I know a good wash will help the fabric to become a bit more flexible than it is right now but it was a total pain to knit πŸ˜› I used a magic loop for this knit because I was afraid I’d create some horrible ladders in the knit, but the magic loop was actually horrible and was trying to sabotage my knitting! I don’t like magic loop… I’ll try normal dpns for the next mitt.

So the new house feels a bit colder than the old house. One of the reasons is this..

It’s too cold to actually go outside, but it’s too boring inside to not want to do this.. So needless to say the floor, stone or tiles whatever, get’s awfully cold and tho I like to wear slippers they’re just not all that great.

I used to wear a socks a lot when I was younger but after a while the ‘wet’ feeling of nylon socks just started to bug me. I was shocked when I had knit my first (actual wool) sock and realized that the superthin fabric made such a hot hot sock! Last winter was the fist winter the BF and I both had really toasty feet in the middle of a snowstorm. Socks are good!

So I decided I needed more handknit socks and started on the gaudi socks! I started on friday afternoon and by the time I went to sleep I had gotten this far.

I misread the instructions for the heel and for a few rows I actually thought I had to *sl 1, k1* and then the next round *sl1, p1* and I ended up with the thickest fabric I’ve ever gotten with knitting. I figured it was crazy and reread after a few rows to see I had misread and I could start the heel over and knit it the way I always knit heels. Good times were had.

It’s the first time I’ve used drops delight but so far I’m really pleased. I don’t think this yarn should be used for sockyarn in projects other than stranded knitting because it looks and feels a bit frail, but I might be wrong. So far I’m loving it and I’m looking forward to wearing these nice socks πŸ˜€